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4 wire

  1. 3 Wire Range to 4 wire junction

    I purchased a new GE drop-in countertop cooktop and it came with a 3 wire cord, (black, red and bare). The connection it would go to is 4 wire, (black, white, red and bare). Is it possible to connect to this? The stove wire came with a warning label saying to ONLY CONNECT TO A 3 WIRE...
  2. How do I attach a 4 prong cord to 3 prong outlet?

    My apologies if this is a repeat. I found some similar but not exact or where I couldn't really follow the answer. While completely able to execute projects when given clear directions, I am no electrician. I have a basic understanding of loads, etc. but if you start getting more complicated...
  3. 4 wire to 3 wire relay

    I have an omron LY2 12vdc acting as a relay for a projector screen. I wasn't able to get the screen to move so unplugged everything from the relay (without taking note of how they were plugged in to begin with), and tried to connect the two sides of the power cord to see if that would elicit a...
  4. Double Pole Thermostat to Electric Baseboard

    We are replacing our old 4 line thermostats for our electric baseboard heater. They are 240. Anyhow, I just got the Aube TH115 -A 240 D to replace an old Thermostat (Electric Controls, Inc is the manufacturer) AUBE Product...
  5. 220, two wire, hard wire, to 4 prong outlet

    I am replacing an old two wire range that I have hardwired to the circuit. Fot the new dual fuel range, a 4 prong outlet is called for. I realize that an entire replacement run from the breaker box is called for. What do I do with the extra two wires?
  6. smoking 240v outlet

    Hi, I just moved into a house and was told I needed to add a cover plate over the 4-wire 240v dryer recepticle. The standard Home Depot cover plates were too small to fit over the recepticle head so i decided to replace the recepticle with a smaller headed version that my cover plate would fit...