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  1. 4 Way Switch Help

    Not sure the best way to describe this I have 2 lights that are being controlled by 3 switches. The first switch is a 3 way and only has 1 set of wires coming into the box, a black, a red and a white. The second switch is a 4 way with 2 sets of wires in the box, the black are tied...
  2. I need help drawing out a schematic for 3-way, 4-way and 3 lights please

    Hi everyone, the special person I had wire my hallway did not do what I asked and instead put 2 lights on the 3-ways. So, what I want to do is wire 3 lights, to the 3-ways and a 4-way. I crudely drew my hallway with switch positions in the picture below. On the 1st switch is a 14-2 power in...
  3. 4-way switch with multiple end of run lights

    Hi. I am seeing wiring diagrams with contradictory solutions to this question. Can someone please help? I am wiring some hall lights as follows: Line--> 3-way switch--> 4-way switch--> 3-way switch ====> Light ====> Light ====> Light ====> Light ====> Light. So the question is, do I need...
  4. 4-way switch

    I have a 4-way lighting circuit. The previous owners disengaged the circuit for a ceiling fan and ran it off the hot all the time. None of the switches or circuitry has been altered. The hot runs into the light box with B,W & R. When the ceiling fan was installed the red was left dangling...
  5. Replacing multi-use light switches

    I'm replacing several light switches in my mother-in-law's house to give it a more updated look (house is over 50 years old). I replaced the single light switches no problem, but the ceiling lights that are controlled by two switches is throwing me off. Right now, one of the two switches can...