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4 way switch

  1. 4 way and 3 way switch wiring on 15A circuit

    Hello All, Working on a cabin NW Montana. Have a couple instances where we have run a 15A circuit using 14/2 and (due to a mix up with my material order) have run 12/3 for any of our 3 way (and a couple 4 way) switches. Again power from the panel as well as the run going from switch to lights...
  2. Problematic 4way switch circuit

    So I have a 4 way switch circuit that is giving me some problems. I have included a diagram attached. What is really weird is that the first light is not coming on at all, and the 2nd light is functioning exactly the way I would expect a 4 way switch circuir to work. Anyone have any ideas...
  3. 3way/4way Switch Problem

    Quick background. 2 switches controlling a chandelier; both work as they should. I installed a new fixture; decided I wanted a dimmer controlling it after install. Picked up Cooper Aspire master and slave digital dimmers so I could control dimming from both switches. And that's when the fun...
  4. How to run two lighting loops on one circuit?

    I have a semi-complex (to me) scenario I need help with. I want to run a 4 way light loop for recessed lights and a 3 way light loop for my pendant lights on the same ciruit. recessed -S1=S2=S3-L-L-L-L-L-L-L pendant S4=S5-L-L-L For this example let's say: S = Switch L = Light - is...