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240v outlet

  1. Using an adapter on a 50a outlet?

    Hello! I have a question about using an adapter on a 50a electrical outlet. I have included links to images and also attached them... I hope. Thanks to all who are able to respond. I just bought a Skutt ceramic kiln on craigslist and the plug for the kiln looks like this: I believe this is...
  2. Multiple 240v circuits on subpanel ?

    Hello. Info: Im in New York state. Main panel is 100 amps with no 240 circuits currently. Circuit panel is in the front of the house. Everything I would like to hook up is 240 volts and in the back of the house. Need to hook up Hot water tank – 20 amps Electric cook top - 30 amps Electric oven...
  3. 120vac VS 240vac

    I am planning to use 240V to computer power supply. My reasoning is this computer will use a lot of power 24/7. 240V uses 1/2 the amperage as 120V. By using 240 service electrical service will be reduced by about 1/2 over 120V. Is this correct? If it is how best should I connect? Last how would...
  4. 6.9kW 240VAC range in 1/2" EMT?

    I purchased a new LG dual fuel range that is rated at 6.9kW at 240VAC. This is replacing an all-gas range that is currently on a 15A/110V line. Prior to having my basement finished, I had my contractor run EMT conduit from behind the oven to my panel, which is a 35' run. Unfortunately, he only...
  5. Need advice on installing 240v and 120v circuits for dryer/washer

    I'm installing a washer/dryer on 2nd floor of 2 family home. They will be stacked in the bathroom in what was a closet next to the tub. The water/drain connections are in place already. I need to run the electric and the dryer venting. An electrician will be making the final connections at...
  6. Strange 240v outlet

    I have a 240v outlet in my apartment that appears to have an ancient outdated prong arrangement. It currently has a very old electric stove plugged into it but I intend to use it for something else in the near future. I would link a picture of the outlet prong arrangement, but I couldn't find...