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  1. Questions on doorbell transformer and 220 circuit.

    I have two questions one regarding a 220 circuit for a dryer and one regarding a doorbell circuit. 1.) I have a non-grounding surface mount 220 outlet. That three wires go in. I couldn’t find 10g wire with three insulated wires, Just 10/2 with a bare ground wire. Can I use the bare wire for...
  2. 220v Can pigtails be used to extend wiring?

    I am replacing an electric stove with a gas stove. Currently, a 220v electrical line comes into the house through a hole right behind the stove. I want to pull the wires out so we can run a gas line through the same hole. If I cut the electrical wires and enclose them in a box up by the roof...
  3. General: 110/120/220/240/250v

    I have a couple of general knowledge questions. 1. If one runs 3 wires from a meter pole to a service panel, are they running 240v or 120v? Is it determined by the breaker in the meter pole service panel? 2. If one has a 30Amp/250V outlet, do they really need 250V to make it work?
  4. 220v to shed from house

    I have a 100amp sub panel in my shed run off the main panel from the house on a 50amp breaker. the feeder line is 2 thnn 4 gauge wires (one hot and the other neutral) running 70 foot underground in plastic conduit with a grounding rod at the shed. right now I'm running 110v but I'm wanting to...
  5. subpanel in garage to subpanel in shed

    converting shed to small home brewery. I have a 40 amp 220v panel in the garage and would like to run 220v to the shed, which will get a panel installed. The power requirements will be a 3500 watt heating element at 220v, air conditioner/heater at 120v 12.5 amps(both draw about the same power...
  6. 208, 220, and 240 volt outlets and Kilns

    Hi everyone, I am in the market to buying my first kiln which I will be setting up in an old blacksmith shop. the kiln I am interested in buying is a 220volt but my outlet puts out 240volts. will this be a problem? I am concerned about burning out my equipment
  7. Circuit Breakers and Amperage?

    Hello, in my house I have 2 breakers that are outputting 220v. Each breaker is 20 amps and I am wondering if the total current can be 40 amps or if it is only 20? Then what gauge wire will I need to support this power? Thank you!
  8. Bosch washer with 220 plug

    Hi, Just moved into new apartment with bosch stackable units, how do I setup with only normal outlet available?
  9. 220 volt Spa Installation

    Thank you in advance for your help. I am installing a new 220 volt Hot Tub in my backyard on a concrete slab. To power the tub I am utilizing a previously discarded 220 volt circuit. This circuit was previously used to supply an electric range. The range was long ago converted to gas and...
  10. Help with a Step Up Transformer

    I need to install 2 220v outlets for a new drier and a new oven. The problem is the panel needs to be modified, it's a long run for the wires, etc etc etc. Basically, it'll be expensive. So, would something like this work...
  11. Air Compressor, Motor Capacitors

    I think I've torn up my air compressor and electric motor. I'm sure the compressors gone, there isn't any compression when turning it by hand. My question to you is if motor is still attached to motor and it freewheels to does that mean it's go also? I had a air leak in line and I forgot it...
  12. Spa 220V GFI Circuit Protection

    Recently overflowed my outdoor Spa tripping GFI. Waited a few days for everything to dry and reset GFI. Still no power . . any clue?
  13. Moving electrical dryer - Ground gives off 'hot' signal

    The dryer is a 3 prongs one and has a dedicated feed from the breaker: An old 10/3- without ground, carrying 220v. I used a newer 10/3 (with ground wire in it) to extend the outlet. I needed to move my dryer in the basement by some 10 feet. So I put up a junction box at the place where the old...
  14. Cooktop and Stand Alone Oven Wiring Replacing Existing Single Range/Stove Combination

    Hi, I am in the process of remodeling my kitchen. The current kitchen has the typical oven/stove combination powered by a 3-prong plug on the floor. It is connected to #6 Aluminum wire (2-wire, Black, White and Bare). It is governed by a 50-AMP 220V breaker. I have no free slots in the...
  15. 220v equipment to 110v

    Today i purchased some used woodworking equipment. When I got home i discovered that two of the pieces of equipment were 220v. As I dont have 220v can i convert the equipment to operate on 110v?
  16. Hooking up 220V Europian motor in Canada, Can it be done?

    I have a Dentist/tattoo chair, i have no idea if it works, the cord is cut, when i striped the cable i noticed right a way that it was from europe because of the colour of the wires (green with yellow strip, blue and brown). i couldnt find any lable on the motor, but on one of the parts i...
  17. Newbie DIY

    I came across a bit of a problem when I moved into my new apartment; it seems that I only have one 220/240V outlet and two appliances that need to run it on. Is there any way I can branch a wire from the original outlet to create a second one?? The appliances I will be running on it are: an...
  18. Wiring 220V Chandelier for 110V

    I have a crystal chandelier I purchased 20 years ago when I was stationed in Germany. The chandelier was purchased in Checkoslavakia and was wired for 220V. It has a single insulated wire coming from the fixture which containes three smaller wires (blue, black, and brown). I'm not sure which...