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  1. Electrical
    Hi, newbie here seeking advice. My background: I’ve repaired electronic equipment for many years for a living. So I’m familiar with the principles of electricity but never worked with anything lethal. So I will need your recommendations on the hardware needed for my project. I have a...
  2. Electrical
    I have a appliance that is 220v, in my experance to get 220v you need 2 110v legs but this device has L-pole N-pole and GND-pole if you put 2 110v legs on the L-pole you still only get 110v not 220v can anyone solve mo problem
  3. Electrical
    My garage has two 110V outlets for a washer and a gas dryer. I have got a great deal on a Bosch washer & dryer (24") and would like to install a 220V outlet in the garage for the dryer. The panel is not far from the garage and it would take some stucco work to get a conduit in. My concern is...
  4. Appliances
    We have an existing 220 outlet directly behind where our new oven needs to be installed. In order to install it with the armored cable and the existing outlet, it will sit very slightly outside the cabinet, about 1/8" or so. Is this acceptable and is there a trim piece that should be installed...
1-4 of 4 Results