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  1. Electrical
    Please read the attached PDF file - it lays out what I currently have for a electrical system and also shows what I want to do to add a subpanel in an unfinished basement off the existing Main Panel located in the garage. The key questions I have are: Is it ok to use another Main breaker...
  2. Electrical
    My house is a 60 year old 3000 square ft. farm house in rural SC. The previous owners did some of their own wiring that seems pretty dangerous to me so Im planning on upgrading everything and switching things out myself. First off, the service panel is only 100 amps but I have a 2/0 type XHHW...
  3. Electrical
    I know most houses have use of a 120 amp breaker panel - correct? What if a person uses alot of electrical power because of highly volted(right word?) lights (ie 300-1000watt stage and/or photography lights)? And other electrical machines such as a sound booth, audio mixer and possibly a...
1-3 of 3 Results