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  1. 12/3 Wiring

    I'm running a 12/3 wire from a subpanel. I split the red and black on two different breakers. Red going to a fridge and the black going to counter outlets. Can I run the white neutral wire to the fridge outlet and then to the counter outlet? Same with ground wire?
  2. Wiring for 9 Outdoor Receptacles

    I am planning to install 9 outdoor receptacles around our 100 year old home. Two of the nine will be weather-proofed floor mounted receptacles on the porch used for things such as charging phones, running a box fan, or maybe a laptop. The rest will be seldom used but will be there for a variety...
  3. Electrical from Basement to Shed

    I'm running power from my panel in the basement to an outdoor shed. I'll be using a 20 amp GFCI breaker with 12/2 NM until it exits the house where I'll use 12/2 UF to continue to the shed. I'll also be running 12/3 NM from a basement light switch until it exits the house where I'll bury 12/3...
  4. 12/3 mwbc

    I am troubleshooting a potential problem on MWBC. The circuit consists of 12/3 Romax (red, black , white, ground) connected to a split outlet. Each hot conduct was connected to separate 20 A circuit breakers while the white and ground are connected to the neutral bar. When the black wire...