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  1. Electrical
    Need a little help. I've got an attached carriage house in an old century home that had a 40 amp sub panel in it. The previous owner also had several NMD lines running underneath a deck from the main to various pumps and lights. I found these while replacing the deck :( It was a real mess...
  2. Electrical
    Hello! Photo of panel to be linked below as a reply. I have taken on the task to wire a new 100AMP main electrical panel. Have the permits from ESA. Want to make sure it's top shape. Change out is from an old 100AMP Fuse box. I have the two main legs feeding into the 100AMP breaker...
  3. Electrical
    I am adding electric service to my shop\barn using the same meter and pole that feeds my cabin. Currently the single phase 220v comes down the pole into the meter and from there to a knife switch type box with large 100amp fuses and then underground to the cabin. I would like to replace this box...
1-3 of 3 Results