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100 amp

  1. Wiring 100 amp sub panel in workshop

    Hi-I enjoy this site very much. I'm writing for the first time because I'm going to wire a workshop at my house that's 130 feet away. I run a kiln and multiple heavy equipment at the same time; I need 100 amp service. My house gets 300 amp from the drop down, 100 goes into the house and 200 goes...
  2. Installing A/C in old house - Conventional vs. High Velocity

    I need advice regarding two options to retrofit air conditioner in our 80 year old house (no existing ducts). Here's a bit about our house - 2200 sq ft, 3 bedrooms and office on 2nd floor, half attic space is a finished bedroom and half is unfinished (plan to leave it this way), basement is...
  3. Finally got around to that breaker

    Went in there to change one to afci and found this. Is this corrosion? And why is it only one? I know most of the house breakers are on the right, but it never feels warm or hums. I really hope this isn't going to be a another problem to have to get fixed. :( Here's a large pic of the entire...
  4. 100 or 200 Amp meter head?

    I am going to place a new service drop and meter head next to my old one and then the POCO will switch it out. My question is how is a 200 amp meter head different than a 100 amp head? I have an existing 100 amp service and it's fine but in the future someone (maybe me) may want more power. Can...
  5. 100 amp sub panel with 100 amp entrance

    I purchased a tankless waterheater. It uses 100 amps. I called an electrician to get a price to hook it up. He stated that I only have a 100 amp entrance and the only way to make the heater work would be to upgrade my service. I called and spoke with the manufacturer of the heater and stated my...