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A home’s roof is important for a number of reasons. A roof is there to keep out the elements, help regulate energy efficiency, and complement the overall aesthetic of the home. Therefore, if your roof is failing or in need of repair, it’s important to be aware of it so you can address the problem immediately.

A roof in need of repair can lead to much bigger problems if it’s not fixed quickly, so here are a few signs you need to look for that let you know it’s time to fix your roof.

1. Leaks

Leaks that can be sourced to your roof are the most common sign that it needs to be repaired. When water is able to leak through your roof and into the underlying insulation, wood, and framework, this can lead to mold growth, rot, and warping.

According to Phoenix Roofer, Jeff Guthrie, a properly sealed roof should not let a single drop of water leak through it, so if your roof is leaking it’s probably due to a failure in the insulation, shingles, or even the soffit.

If the leak is bad enough or in the right place, it could even leak down into your house siding material and contribute to its degradation as well.

2. Degrading Fiberglass Shingle Mat

If you notice the sun shimmering around the edge of your roof, it’s likely that the fiberglass mat has become exposed, allowing the sun to reflect off of the shiny fibers. This can be due to granular loss over time or inadequate ventilation. If you notice your fiberglass mat deteriorating, it may be a sign it’s time to replace or repair it.

3. Finding Shingles in Gutters

If you are finding shingles in your gutters, that’s a sign your shingles are failing and you need to replace them. Fresh, functional shingles should never come loose so if you see any of yours in the gutter, you might want to replace them with new concrete shingles or even synthetic cedar shingles.

4. Soffit Damage

A soffit is a gate or some type of covering for the area underneath the overhang of your roof where it extends out past your siding. While somewhat inconspicuous, this covering does a lot to help prevent moisture intrusion, and damage to it can lead to serious roof problems. If you notice your soffit is broken at all or displaced, go out and buy a new soffit right away.

A Healthy Home Needs a Healthy Roof

Every home has a roof that serves a few different vital functions when it comes to keeping a house in top shape. You need your roof to be airtight, properly insulated, and well-maintained if you want to prevent things like mold, air leaks, moisture leaks, rot, and low energy efficiency from occurring.

By watching for all the signs we’ve laid out here, you can spot a roof in need of a repair immediately and get it fixed before it leads to any greater problems that might compromise you or your home’s health.

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