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Grandfather buried buckets by spigots
What are Inconel 625 Flanges? Flanges interconnect pipes, tubes, valves, pumps, and other pieces of equipment to form a pipeline system. it is simple to Cleaning, inspect, and personalize. Flanges can be welded or screwed together. A flanged junction is created by bolting two flanges together...
Rebuild of old built in cabinet and shelves
Found this metal pipe about 500ft back onto my newly purchased property. Have no idea what it is. It has a cap with a padlock on it. Anyone know what could be?
These came out of the baseboard of my floor and I do have carpet beetle
A pergola I built at my old house in Illinois.
FS Wachs 6” SDSF Split Frame, low profile Clamshell Pipe Lathe Tri-Tool
In this video I'll show you how to apply a skim coat to a ceiling with a paint roller and a 14" drywall taping knife.
Waring commercial 12in Big Stick Blender
Hi everyone, someone's new🖐🙂
Alta name was no longer used by 1928 according to research. Saw runs.. 18" long