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Moving A House
Not for the faint of heart...

Moving a 100 year old house to an island.
All it needs now is a foundation and a roof and plumbing and re-wiring and new front steps and a wood stove and a dining room bay window and...
Finally on the lot, awaiting a foundation.
Moving again at night.
This beautiful sandstone beach is a 1 minute walk away.
The final destination.
House temporarily parked on the island. The move at this end also happened late at night.
Barge approaching.
On the barge. We shared a barge with another house.
Parked down by the river awaiting the barge. I securely tarped the temporary "roof".
The house finally out on the street. It took about 2 hours to get it this far - a lot of delicate maneuvering was required. The whole neighbourhood...
It's too dark to tell, but in this picture, the house was about halfway across the front lawn. Use your imagination.
The initial move by truck was done late at night. I took a lot of pictures, but they are all too dark.
This picture only hints at the mess I had to clean up afterwards.
Ready to roll.
View of the wheels through opening where the chimney used to be.
Covering the roof with plywood and making final preparations for the move.
After being lowered onto the wheels.
After the inital lift. The next step was to remove the hanging basement walls and posts and to put the wheel units in place under the steel beams.
Clearing the way for the moving equipment.
Just after the initial lift - the house is now about 6 inches off the ground. The supporting posts and basement walls are now hanging from the house....
Threading a 6 ton needle.
One of the steel beams being put in position.
We had to cut four openings in the basement walls to accommodate the steel I-beams.
Basement - the bricks and rubble used to be the chimney.

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