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Pleaching a Lilac
Pleaching basically means weaving the branches and trunks together. This is being done to my 40+ year old Lilac bush/tree that got out of hand and was destroying my roof/gutter. I was about to cut the entire bush/tree down when I happened to see an arborsculpture image on the web and decided to see if I could contain the monster enough to save it and my roof/gutters.
UPDATE one year later (Summer 2020)  
The base is going nuts with the suckers...  I'm going to have to put down weed cloth and see if I can contain...
UPDATE One year later (Summer 2020.)   
We've had an escapee!!
Looking good!
Got the trunk all "braided" up
Round 2ish of pleaching, started pulling in one of the major "straightening" trunks (marked in orange in earlier pictures.)  Going to have to wait...
From the front after some pleaching.  The one hanging down a bit on the left is the orange trunk, it has a big Y branching around the red trunk...
View from the side after I'd done some pleaching
Color tagged from the front
Here's the trunks I'm working with.  I've selected the dark blue marked one on the left as my main truck (all the others will be wound around it.) ...
Here's some of the branches we cut out; these are just the ones that were too big to fit in our fire pit o.O
After a massive pruning.  We probably took 20+ years off her.  Took out two or three huge trunks that were around 6 inches thick - those are the ones...
This is what I started with.  We estimate this lilac is 40+ years old, it's probably close to 20 foot tall at the highest point and it was likely...

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