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Picture Tools Storage
Here are some of the things I use for storing my tools and related items
8 08-01-2019 11:25 AM
Picture Closet Remodel
Here are some pictures of the master closet and Pantry I redid in my new house. And one from an old house I did.

I like using adjustable shelving as things can change over time.
9 03-04-2019 03:42 PM
Picture A major remodel of an old house I owned.
This is the house I grew up in, moved out of and then bought from my mother so my wife (now ex-wife) and I could raise our kids in.

Later on, getting divorced, selling the house, dealing with family who thought I owed them money from the sale of the house and other fun things.

We bought the house at fair market value in 1987 for $275K. We put about $250-$400K into the house with materials and professionals. And I can't put a figure on what my time is worth because it was done with love. We sold it for $750K in 2007.

The house was built in 1957. It was built very well as my father understood building practices. He overbuilt where he could. He had the best Pella windows installed that were available. He had as much insulation put in the attic that he could (it even went over the rafters!!)

We bought the house in the late 80's from my mom. As is would be a polite way to say it. After she moved out, I needed 3 dumpsters to get rid of the stuff she left behind. After giving away as much stuff to my brothers as I could

We started with remodeling the lower level as it was dark and dreary. You entered from the garage so, I replaced the entry door, replaced the 9" tiles (probably asbestos) and put down the 12x12 ceramic tiles.

The house wan't quite a trash house but, it did take a couple of 20 yd dumpsters to clean out the trash my mom left behind on her move to a new house. We new it was a good decision and the price was great but, my wife cried the first couple of years on her drive home from work due to all the things that had to be done.

We put in the wet bar in the back hall and redid the bathroom. There was a charcoal grill in the family room that I took out and re-bricked the wall and put in a vermont castings gas stove. It started to make it more liveable.

Next we updated the kids bathroom. The tub was leaking all over the place, the faucet wasn't working all the well. The sink faucets weren't able to be worked on anymore. But the wall tile was in beautiful shape and I loved the blue. So, I removed the built-in vanity and replaced it with the same cabinets I used in the back hall. I built the countertop and tiled it with the tiles I used in the surround.

We had found a beautiful medallion on clearance at Home Depot and used that as theme. It was a sea-floor theme. That is why we have fishie tiles all over the place. We replaced the tub with a Kohler Tea-for Two soaking tub. Cast iron beast. I used self leveler on the floors. A lot of self leveler. The joke my parents had about the builder is that they wanted to give him a level for the holidays.

We replaced the front bay window that had rotted out with renewal by andersen. They did a good job but were expensive. We switched from casement on the side to double hung on all windows. I love double hung windows now. But I do miss the casements ability to catch the wind.

The next thing to remodel was the kitchen and front hall. It was prompted by replacing the front door, which took Home Depot several tries to get it right. Our $3K from door ended up costing us $500 after all the deductions and credits, etc..

I found a great deal on solid natural maple hardwood flooring at Home Depot. It was a special order that was returned so I got it at a steal. About 1500 feet, enough for the front hall and kitchen. Both my wife and I came into a bit of money so we decided to remodel the kitchen. We wanted to make it a true special cooks kitchen. We found the cooktop and double wall oven at a specialty appliance retailer that dealt with scratch and dent appliances. The deal was amazing. My wife wouldn't let me install the cabinets, but I installed everything else. And I demoed everything. I did hire out drywall and mudding though.

At the same time, I converted our walk up attic to a craft room for my ex. I framed in the walls, moved the collar ties up, added electrical, put in can lights, installed velux roof windows (sky lights that open). I used the same drywallers from the kitchen remodel to hang the rock and mud.

Our next upgrade was to upgrade the windows. We replaced all the old leaky Pella windows not with Renewal by Andersen but with Infinity by Marvin. We thought they were much better. We didn't go with Marvin but another contractor who did came highly recommended and had great references (who we checked out). They did a great job, cleaned up every day and came in on budget and under time. We did have a problem in that the inspector didn't pass the original windows as they weren't egress windows in the bedroom. They replaced them with egress windows on their dime. The next one was that we wanted windows in the living room as close to the floor as possible. Which they did. There was a mixup in the order. The glass was supposed to be marked as safety glass. But it wasn't. Marvin and the contractor fixed the issue. We were very happy.

Our final upgrade was the addition. We wanted to add a third stall (for all the toys) and redo the master bedroom/bathroom. So, we decided on putting an addition on that included a third stall, walk-in closet, and more room for the bathroom. It was a 14' by 20' addition.
We had some other things for the addition and we hired the same contractors we used for the windows. We agreed upon the price and had the plans drawn up, got the permits and the work proceeded.

We were happy with the work and progress, until the near the end when the work slowed a bit. They reached a milestone and asked for the next payment. Which we gave them on a Friday. They called me the next Tuesday and said, oh, by the way, we are out of business. I figured we were only out about $4-$5K.

We tried to find another GC to take over but no-one would without a bunch of caveats. So after talking it over with the wife, I took over as GC.

It was hard, doing the scheduling, finding all the trades, ordering the products, all the damn decisions. All in all, I was glad that we did it. We got a lot more work done, in the same time for the same amount of money.

The insulation was foam and not fiberglass. I had all the electrical upgraded. Added a sub-panel for the addition. Changed a three season porch into a four season porch. Did additional plumbing and electrical work. Changed the roof line, replaced the siding and brick work with hardie-plank and riverstone. The list goes on.
19 02-27-2019 03:22 PM

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