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My house- before & far.
Bought my 1940's bungalow about 2 years ago...a fixer-upper. I've redone everything except the kitchen (need to finish the workshop so I can build the new cabinets first).
There's always something to fix, change, upgrade, play with... :)
The far. Still much to be done here.
Previous Owner- 4 layers of wallaper to be removed..2 of them were the same! Who does that!?
Ok, so the garage is still a work in progress...but it's better!
After- I pulled out the ceiling & insulation (all mouldy), fixed the roof, scrubbed everything and painted the floors. Took out one workbench for...
Before (previous owner's junk)
Guess he worked out in'd he stand the mould smell?!
After- New pine plank floor, I stained it brown. Made my own baseboards too, with the router table. Love that machine!
During...panelling gone, t&g pine installed on the ceiling and all around the room
Porch before-with previous owner's junk. Check out the not so lovely fake green AND brown panelling...either is bad, but together? Sheesh!
Textured painable wallpaper- cool idea!
Bedroom after-yeah, I like purple!
Previous Owner's boring bedroom
After reno
Moving day-pretty boring in here...and damage under the window needs fixing.
Still need to hook up the laundry sink- haven't quite figured that out yet...there's some rule about the drainage stack I think?
After I put in the new floor, and painted the cabinets and walls.
Laundry room of the previous owner
The self leveling cement is under where the china cabinet sits, and all along that wall. I redid all the floors in the living room, dining room and...
The beige wall is where the mouldy wall was...the (weightbearing) lattice shelf is gone.
Self levelling cement under the laminate.
Ended up tearing down this whole wall, which turned out to be weight bearing, even with the lattice shelves! It's now solid. Was alot of mould and...
Not part of the plan!! Found this when the scraper went through the wall when preparing to paint.
Dining room with previous owner
Before the new roof, which has since been replaced.
New bathroom floor- Allure Corfu vinyl- love it!

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