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Some of my projects
Here's some pics of what I do. Besides kitchen and bath, I enjoy woodworking and woodturning as a hobby. I also restore vintage offroad motorcycles and ride them.
This is a kitchen remodel for a friend I grew up with.
This is part of my kitchen. This wall is the back wall of the garage. When I redid the kitchen in 2003, I cut a hole in this wall and framed in an...
Here's the rollaround finished.
One of my many peppermills. This one is 24" tall, 4" in diameter. It had thirteen layers of exotic wood. It also has angle ring inserts. It took...
This is my roll around tool cart that holds all my lathe chisels, forstner bits, router bits, 3 other types of drill bits, wrenches, measuring tools,...
I also make some pretty good pizzas from scratch.
This is a kitchen in yet another century home, circa 1842. This was a sunroom addon that was done a number of years ago. We tore out the glass walls...
Another shot of the kitchen.
This is the room after initial tearout and framing.
Keyholder made out of ash. Shape matches my Carvin bass guitar.
Escutchion turned from a piece of ash to match all the ash woodwork in the room. I made all the base molding, shoe mold, casing, and cabinets from a...
One of my vintage racers I restored. It is a 1974 Hodaka Super Combat, 125cc two stroke. I rebuilt the engine from the cases up. Every nut and bolt...
Bathroom redo in another century home. Pin dot floor tile was pretty neat looking.
New tub with white tile, brick shaped in a running bond pattern.
There were twin pedestal sinks installed, wainscoting with chair rail and twin mirror/medicine chests.
Dining room in a century home kitchen remodel
This is a victorian style coatrack I made out of canary wood. Raised panels on each side with a mirror in the middle.
Full pic of the coatrack. It is 48" wide. It has a small shelf under the mirror.
Kitchen in a century home remodel.
This is a clock I built that looks like a wristwatch. It is 36" tall. The lighter wood is tiger maple, the dark wood is wenge from Africa.
Here's a finish picture of the clock. All the separate pieces of the band pivot like a real band. The dowels are made out of canary wood. The latch...
Painted tile centerpiece.
Cigar humidor I made out of canary wood. Raised panels on top and all four sides. Mitered corners with dovetail splines.
Inside is lined with spanish cedar, marble floor.

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