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exchange tank Culligane softener. Replace with 2060 and Sulfur Guard in 2004

exchange tank Culligane softener. Replace with 2060 and Sulfur Guard in 2004

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Guy's. not that I'm picking at your work, But this cost the home owner so much money to remove your systems to get to the water heater and then replace all this stuff again. this is the second picture that I've seen like this. Is it the home owners option to do this or a lack of pour planning. I know I would get my A()* chewed for this set up. Please reply.

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Thank you commenting. I see that you are a water heater guy. The units in this picture are from **lligan. It is a softener with an exchange tank to handle sulfur. It was replaced with a more efficient unit. The newer unit was replaced in the same location so your argument notwithstanding is valid there as well.

Most home's plumbing locations are so restricted that if water treatment is to be installed, very often another appliance or piece of equipment may be hemmed in. There's no other choice that is cost effective or practical and all done with owner's knowledge and understanding.

Hope this helped a bit and we always examine installation options very carefully. In my area (extreme hardness and iron), water heaters without a softener last about 2-5 years. With water softeners 15-20 years or more. So the alternatives prove far more costly than a hour's plumbing charge. Naturally, if there are other options, we take them.

The water treatment equipment that we place have quick disconnects to be easily removed. Nonetheless, some plumbing parts may have to be re-sweated or re-glued. Nothing that any semi-skilled plumber couldn't do.

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