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ein0801 07-13-2012 01:29 AM

New Roof but Fascia Trim Board Rotting
Gable Style roof
50 L x 30 W living area Year Built 1962
Roof Pitch 3 inches x 12 inches (Low Slope)
House located in South Texas Wind Direction N NW
Location classified as Inland II by the Texas Windstorm Ins Assoc (TWIA)

Replacements and Dates
Spring 2008 removed and replaced at front eave water damaged sections of Fascia Header
Spring 2008 removed and replaced at front eave 54 ft of 1x8 Fascia Trim board
Spring 2008 Exterior house primed and painted
Dec 2008 Installed complete new roof including roofing felt underlayment, drip edge, and Sentinel 3 Tab Shingle

July 2012 Noticed separation and rot at two fascia trim board connection points, referred to as point A and point B, in addition to rot accruing at another area in the middle of a trim board itself, point C.

Point A. 16 feet east of west side corner. Connection point of two 12ft 1x 8 trim boards. .

West Board Rot 10 in x 3 in
East Board Rot 18 in x 3 in

Point B. Fascia Trim Board connection point 12 ft west of Point A. Same condition as point A. Each board’s rotted section extends about 10 inches on each from connection point. Both fascia trim boards have rot at connection point, along the top, and at the bottom.

Point C. Damage begins 5 feet east of porch extension. Damage begins at the middle of the board and extends 2 feet in length from the middle of the board to the bottom of the board. Damage appears as small waves with small lengthwise cracks in the paint. The top of the board to the middle of the board feels solid. There are no water streaks or stains running down the face of the fascia trim board. Roofer says this damage was caused due water getting to the board through the cracks in the paint.

Used saw to cut out rot on the Fascia Trim boards at Point A; about 30 inches in length, up to the 1-inch Drip Edge metal overhand that extends down covering the top face of the fascia trim board. I discovered that nails from the roof were driven into the top of the fascia trim. I did not attempt to remove the nails but rather t removed the wood rot surrounding them. Carefully as to not damage or bend the Drip Edge, I proceeded to remove the wood rot behind the Dip Edge’s overhang..

After removing the rotted wood from behind and under the Drip Edge, I can see the roofing felt extended about 1/2 inch past the deck edge and that the metal Drip Edge is over the roofing felt along the south roof eave.

These are the same finding at Point B. I have not tampered with Point C but I assume Drip Edge same as A and B.

Roofing contractor is telling me this is how GAF instructed him to install the Drip Edge and that the 1x8 fascia trim wood at points A and B must have been rotten prior to them installing the roof and is just now revealing itself. In addition the roofer is telling me the damage at Point C was due water getting to the board through the cracks in the paint.

Drip Edge installation. Installed over roofing felt at roof eave. Drip Edge overhang installed tightly against Fascia Trim board. Where Drip Edge additions are used, the extension piece that extends down over the top face of Fascia Trim board is nailed into the face of Fascia Trim board.
The problem is water is getting down under the eave Drip Edge and rotting out the Fascia Trim. Any ideas for correcting this problem?



CopperClad 07-13-2012 01:46 AM

That guy is lying to you :laughing: I'm tired. But here is this link. Someone else will be along to give you more advice.

ein0801 07-13-2012 02:15 AM

Thank You


CopperClad 07-13-2012 09:20 AM

So after reading through that link, did you notice on a low pitched roof such as yours there should have been 2 layers of underlayment ? With you removing some of the fascia board and drip edge, can you tell if 2 layers was applied? Was there a signed contract with a licensed,bonded, and insured contractor?

ein0801 07-14-2012 12:34 AM

Thank you for your response. Regarding "With you removing some of the fascia board and drip edge, can you tell if 2 layers was applied?" I may have not been clear.
I removed about a 30 inch section of the 1in x 8in Fascia Trim Board but did not remove any of the Drip Edge. After removing the section of fascia trim board at both points A and B, I was able to look under the newly formed 1 inch wide 30 inch long 1 inch deep gap created between the Drip Edge 1 inch extension that covers the top 1 inch face of the Fascia Trim Board and the now exposed Header, up to the underside of the Drip Edge. Here I can see one layer of roofing felt extending a 1/2 inch past the edge of the roof deck with the Drip Edge installed over it. I do not see or feel any additional layers. So as far as i can tell there is only 1 layer of felt.

Yes the roofer is licensed and insured and although i remember signing a contract it is still hiding.

I feel like an idiot for not looking into this prior to the job. I became complacent since an inspector from Tx Wind Storm Assoc had to inspect and approve the job at various stages of completion. Now I have reviewed the TWIA code used in 2008 for Inland II structures which also says that the Drip Edge should be placed under the roofing underlayment at the roof eave and also addresses the placement and overlapping underlayment requirements for a low sloped roof. In 2008 I picked up the completed Wind Storm Certificate from the approved TWIA inspecting engineers office and gave it to my agent for windstorm coverage through TWIA. I wonder now how the roof past inspection since the TWIA code says one thing and the roof was installed in another.

Next step??



CopperClad 07-14-2012 12:56 AM

Gosh.. I can tell you that GAF will only warranty their product if it was installed to product manufacturer instructions. How a licensed roofer doesn't install the drip edge properly, and put the required underlayment, is beyond me. Google the roofers license #. Are they still in business, are they a member of the BBB(which doesn't really mean anything nowadays, but does give you a clue on other complaints), seems as though you have everything documented very well, did the dog eat the contract :). I'm not a lawyer, or a roofer, hopefully someone else can give you better advice.

ein0801 07-15-2012 12:21 AM

Thanks for your input. Yes roofing company still in business. Going to meet with TWIA appointed engineer who did the inspection next week.



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