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calliejhon 03-12-2018 03:27 AM

Get to know about untold features of Quartz
Well, if you see people taking an interest in quartz, then there is nothing in it to make fun of it because there are many people who want to know minerals and using them in their home either for renovation or for some other process. This is the right of people to need to explore things rather than searching for the same stuff. So keep aside all the different ideas and explore few things that can give your place a spectacular look. No doubt quartz is one of the ideal options for kitchen countertops. We donít check more than colors and design of quartz countertops, but this is important to learn about this because this is something that can smarten up your kitchen so the following things will help all readers in the selection of quartz.
Donít Imagine as Natural Stone

Well, for those who are considering this as a natural stone let me add here one thing this not a natural stone. When quartz countertop is manufactured, then quartz pieces are assembled with some mastic. Such products can be transformed into multiple stuff in desired shapes. Unique combination in different dimensions is possible with quartz. Get it now from your favorite manufacture which is known for high-quality designs.

Not Pure Quartz

Well, if someone has told you that you will get 100% pure quartz in products, then they are not right. For example, if you people go through quartz countertops, then you will find this thing that 90-92% is quartz and the remaining quantity is of resin which is used to grip together. Many products are recycled too and just dyed in different colors smartly that are hard to find in natural stone.

Abundance than other minerals

Well, this can be easily found extensively on earth than other minerals. I just recently got through over the internet that marble and granite minerals are available in few locations, but quartz is the second mineral which exists in great quantity. So from the beginning of the world to current era, there is no difficulty has been finding out for the availability of this mineral.

Quartz is a better option

We are not specifically restraining ourselves to countertops only, but in other products where quartz or fused quartz is available, this thing has been evaluated that quartz is the best than granite. It needs low maintenance although Fused quartz repair may take bit extra time, it is harder than granite, so no further questions arise about its sustainability. As per latest research and surveys, people are saying yes to quartz than granite.
It can be engineered

Well, as I mentioned earlier that quartz can be engineered so itís possible to bring huge colors variations to quartz products especially for countertops. You will see other materials are also incorporated into quartz. It might confuse everyone by showing the natural appearance, but that is not similar. Engineered quartz is non-porous, needs less maintenance, uniformity of color combinations but the drawbacks might put you in confusion which is less resistant to heat, and we need to know for limitations and special procedure of installation. Human-made quartz is sensitive to chemicals and will damage the surface.

Fewer imperfections

Quartz doesnít produce a mess, and fewer faults can be dealt quickly so whenever we have to choose granite and other products then one thing is clear those products could have flaws in a significant amount. As you can see granite slabs used to have a vast variety of deficiencies which may take enough time in repairing.

Affordable than other minerals

We all know renovations escalate our budget. Whenever we have to use mineral in a great amount just for decoration purpose, then we need to do detailed planning for this, but with quartz, you will not face budget issues. Many manufacturers are offering reasonable products especially countertops of high quality. Colour schemes and design variation will be available in all kind of quartz products.

These are the main untold features of quartz, and above-described aspects would compel everyone to choose this one rather than granite and any other mineral. Affordability and sustainability are making quartz an optimal choice to opt for kitchen or for increasing the appearance of your home.

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