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J187 10-10-2012 04:01 PM

What would you do in this situation? Kitchen remodel
We are planning on remodeling the kitchen. Currently we are just waiting for a little more money - perhaps a work bonus next fall. We have the opportunity to have a friend redo our hardwood floors throughout the house for an amazing price, however, the kitchen remodel is kind of holding us back. The reason being, part of the kitchen remodel plan is to bring the hardwood from the rest of the house throughout the kitchen. All the new cabinets we will be installing are already purchased and in the garage. The plan is to tear up the kitchen tile, lay unfinished hardwood down and then finish all the floors at once - we would do this since we are changing the color of the floors. However, as I said, we are not ready to start the kitchen yet, but might lose our chance to get the floors finished for this incredible price. The thing holding us back is that in order to install the hardwood in the kitchen, we need to take out the existing base cabinets, lay the floor and then install the new base cabinets.

It's a quandary. What do you think I should do? Would it be crazy to remove the existing base cabinets, lay the floor and then put them back in temporary just to get the floors finished? Mostly the money we are hoping to get next year will buy the granite countertops which are currently laminate. Would it be crazy to tear out the current base cabinets, install the floor and install the new cabinets with some kind of cheap,temporary laminate from the big box store? Having our floors done now is going to save us about $800-1000.

joecaption 10-10-2012 05:53 PM

Personaly I think your crazy for installing a hardwood floors in a kitchen.
You would be far better off with tile.

J187 10-10-2012 08:12 PM

That's quite a matter of opinion and style don't you think? Hardwoods throughout is a hugely popular option. I love the look, especially in a relatively small living space, really flows well.

oh'mike 10-11-2012 04:17 AM

I've installed lots of hardwood in kitchens---never an issue---

I would not suggest it to a young family --aluminum diamond plate for those folks.

creeper 10-11-2012 04:40 AM

I'm with Joe, who never suggested it didn't look great. Its just a risk for water damage.

I loved the hardwood in my kitchen until the water cooler leaked. A few litres was all it took to wreck it.

oh'mike 10-11-2012 04:47 AM

Thanks for bringing this one back to earth---

Water and oak don't like each other---=so there is risk----Dishwashers and refrigerators are a common cause of leaks---

J187 10-11-2012 10:50 AM

Any suggestions on approaching this?

DannyT 10-11-2012 12:08 PM

why would it cost you more to have your floors done later. what is the amazing price your friend is charging you to redo your floors?

oh'mike 10-11-2012 04:46 PM

Depends on the cabinets---I pulled mine out to lay the floor and reinstalled them---I've done it for customers,too, if they are going to get new counters.

I like the floor under the cabinets---

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