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Small Bathroom Remodel

Hey I started tearing apart my bathroom...and have a pretty solid idea of where I want this project to go...but definitely need some advice.'s the basic idea and progress so far.

We ripped out...everything. Toilet, vanity, medicine cabinet, etc. (no shower in this one).

We are going to lay down Wonderboard and ceramic tiles, some cool linear mosaic tiles on one of the walls as an "Accent wall"...and set up a vessel sink on top of a new vanity.

First toilet flange looks is cast iron and looks nasty...and so I thought I would rip it out and replace with a PVC toilet flange...well...looks like it is stuck in there pretty good so I guess I need some chemical to dissolve the glue and get it out.

After ripping up the floor tiles...there is a second layer of thin tile on the floor...hooray. It is really stuck on to the subfloor...and I have stopped trying to remove it for now and come ask for advice.

Around the toilet, part of the subfloor looks great...and then the other part is sort of flaky...I'm guessing mild water damage?

So...the question really comes down to: Is there any problem with just putting down a layer of thinset to even out the lips between the sections of clean subfloor and this thin layer of tile?

Then...for the wall tile, I've heard mixed opinions: Some people say NO dont put wonderboard over drywall...but usually thats in reference to concerns about moisture...and this bathroom doesn't have a shower/bathtub.
Some people say it isn't a big deal and I could just lay 1/4" wonderboard over the drywall with screws...and then thinset to lay my wall tile on.

This post is kind of a mess...but so is my any advice to set me straight before I end up just hoping for the best would be super appreciated.

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Re: Small Bathroom Remodel

Now that you have a post under your belt, reply to this and note at the bottom and click "Go Advanced", then scroll down to "Manage Attachments". From there you can post pictures. That would help us a lot.

You are doing a bathroom remodel. Rip the walls out too. You will only be doing half a job and will regret it in the end. You may need to upgrade electrical, plumbing, etc, so this is the best time to do it right.

No cbu on top of sheetrock. Once you rip out the sheetrock, you can install 1/2" Durock and tile away. Tile can be applied to sheetrock in non wet locations, but I don't recommend it. Doing that only relies on the paper of the sheetrock to hold your tile up. Not warm and fuzzy, IMO.

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Re: Small Bathroom Remodel

Not a professional anything, but I have ripped apart a couple of bathrooms and kitchens. How old is your house? It is the "thin tiles that are really hard to lift" that caught my attention. I just wanted to make sure they are not asbestos tiles because the last thing you want to be doing is chipping them up. My sister had asbestos tiles in her kitchen. She had them removed but they did tell her she could have them covered up safely. She just preferred not to have them in the house at all.
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Re: Small Bathroom Remodel

Hi Rshelvik,

You didn't mention how old the house is or how it's constructed, ie, what is the subfloor and underlayment, framing, etc...

The iron toilet flange is not glued, it's leaded in. Keep it if it's not rusted and or the "ears" for the bolts are not broken. It's much better than a new plastic thingy.

You need a good solid subfloor, no rotted wood. You be the judge.

Originally Posted by Rshelvik
.........Is there any problem with just putting down a layer of thinset to even out the lips between the sections of clean subfloor and this thin layer of tile?
Please explain, I don't get this.

You do not use " CBU on walls since it's kinda flexible, (esp Wonderboard), and you're only fastening every 16" oc.

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Re: Small Bathroom Remodel

Don't forget, the receptacle outlet needs to be wired to its own 20A circuit. If you want a heater/fan unit, then that calls for its own 20A circuit as well. The rest of the lighting can be on with any 15A existing lighting circuit. Replace as much of the old wiring as possible.
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