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[quote=tharrison57;529431]Geez guys ..... I really didn't mean to start WWIII, I just thought as an amatuer DIY'er, I'd seek a little advice. Didn't realize I was going to create such a storm.

You did not start WWIII. Just a healthy exchange of differing opinions. My first post only suggested that you consider alternatives to Denshield. If you are satisfied with the product, by all means continue with it. I tried to be fair and even wrote that Hardiboard, my first choice, was heavier and harder to cut. I am testing some of the information that I posted and if I have any relevant findings to share I will post them. If anyone isn't interested in my findings they can pass over my posts.
One thing does confuse me, however. We have read that several years ago the core of Denshield was quietly reformulated to produce a better, more durable product, not prone to wicking. Prior to that undocumented reformulation, there appears to have been some complaints from contractors and home owners about the product not living up to expectations. So far, so good. Now if you check the Georgia Pacific website, you'll find that Denshield has been around for more than 20 years. So for about the first 15 years it appears that both contractors and homeowners were installing a product that needed reformulation in order to produce satisfactory results, that is if we accept the satements of at least one respected and knowledgeable poster. Assuming that poster is correct, it took about 15 years (yes, about fifteeen years) for remedial action to be taken, all the while homeowners were investing hard earned money in a product that was MAY have been faulty and prone to failure while at the same time it was being promoted as the next generation of backerboards. Am I the only one in the world who sees something strange about this? To make matters even more confusing, the GP website clearly states that since the day Denshield was introduced to the market, there have been virtually no instances of problems associated with product breakdown or wicking, contrary to the opinions of experienced professionals including the gentleman who advanced the idea of a reformulated product. Again, am I the only one in the world who finds something strange about this?
If I have offended anyone by my posts I am deeply sorry. It was certainly not my intention. I thought this was a place to discuss products (understanding that product bashing is not permitted) and technology. I guess I was wrong.
To those who earn a living in the building/remodeling/home repair trades, I have a great respect for what you accomplish. It always seems much easier on tv than it is in reality.

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