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Low-cost kitchen "spiff job" advice....

All -

With our last kid starting her junior year in high school, we have about 18 months until we put the house on the market in anticipation of downsizing. This is a 1950's colonial, and we've remodeled everything but the kitchen, which is still in all of it's 1980's glory. Our purpose here is just to get the kitchen to a point where someone looking at the house would say to themselves "we could live with this until we wanted to remodel," instead of looking at it like it is and having a heart attack and not buying the house. I don't want to spend more than a few thousand bucks, and I'd like to do the cabinets, countertops, backsplash, and get sheet vinyl floor.

At some point, the cabinets were painted, but here is what I'm thinking:

As you can see, these cabinets are pretty old school. Just to see what was underneath, I pried off one of the trim pieces on the door, and it came away fairly easily, since it was just glued. So I'm thinking that I could take off all of the doors and hardware, pry off that trim, sand everything down and fill any voids. Then, pick a color and brush on a nice oil-based paint. Given that it looks like the cabinets weren't installed particularly well, would I be better off just pulling them all down and doing this in the garage?

You can really see the brush strokes from the bad paint job. Will I have to sand all the way back to the original wood to paint over?

And with the trim removed (sorry about the focus)

If I took the cabinets down, should I spray or brush the insides?

Once the cabinets are done, I have to deal with the backsplash and countertops. The backsplash is the ugliest pebbly looking stuff I've ever seen, and the countertop is bluish laminate. I'm thinking of just going over the laminate with another layer of laminate. Is this worth doing? Since we're staying with laminate, is it worth making fresh countertops?

Finally, I'm assuming that I will need to peel off all of the pebbly stuff, get a level surface, and then apply a new backsplash. Of course, we'll get rid of the fruity wallpaper, too. Then, replace the 1982 oven/microwave combo and we're off to the races!

I'm trying to keep costs down, get the most visual bang for my buck, and do things that a handy person can do. I'm good with carpentry and electrical, and have done some plumbing, but I'm a so-so painter and I've never done a kitchen before. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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I will not address the rest of the project but for the wall paper

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for your countertops, you would get more bang for your buck by painting them to look like granite. Real granite would be better, but Giani sells a kit for refinishing countertops to look like granite, for $70. I believe each kit covers about 50 sq ft. You can buy this kit at stores like Home Depot, Walmart, or even Giani's website. I got mine at walmart and cant wait to put it on. Lowes does not carry it.
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If you're trying to stay cheap i would honestly just get rid of that stove and the wallpaper and re-evaluate.

We had the same stove, my wife used to get a buzz every time she used the oven.
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