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Originally Posted by Bud Cline View Post
That's correct! I said that because turning what was once a "switch leg" into and "outlet" wouldn't be all that easy to do for for a novice.

My thinking is...the wires used for the switch would have to be abandoned to make room for the arrival of new conductors for an outlet. How? Just shove them into the stud cavity? Then new conductors would have to be fished into the existing box. I see a very small wall area between two counter tops. This wall area is already tiled and could interfere with the fishing of additional conductors. I suppose it would be do-able if a person had the necessarily level of knowledge in the matter.

In the meantime, put a blank plate on it and move on.
I saw a remodel box used for the switch and an outlet 4" away. The tabs are released and the box pops out, if needed, but I don't think it will be. The feed for the switch would probably be from the outlet. They cap the outgoing wire to the light and install an outlet. If there's only a switch leg there(no neutral), they cap it and run a feed from the outlet. With the box out of the wall, real easy as you can see the box next to it as it's 4" away.
Code wise, I don't know if you capped the switchleg from the light(if that was the way it was wired), you would be able to cover the dead wire with tile. It would be an inelegant solution in either case.
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I'd patch the drywall before replacing all the tile. They downgrade the counter-top.

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Originally Posted by Clutchcargo View Post
You cannot bury a live junction box. It's against code. I'd either coverplate it or do add an outlet.
They already said the wires would be abandoned and disconnected on both ends which would mean they could be buried! They would just have to make sure that somebody wouldn't attach to them in the future.

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Thank you.

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