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how to do shower with linear drain and no threshold

So I want to put a linear drain into my bathroom when I redo the bathroom so I don't have to have a threshold and I think it has a cleaner look.

So I'm going to put a barn style shower door right over the drain so nothing goes near the floor but my concern is that I think the floor should be waterproof past the drain to cover splashes etc.

So..... I'm assuming no pre-made pan is available but I keep getting a bit confused as to what my options are if I need to custom make a waterproof shower area. So, given what I need to do what are my options? Is the kerdi shower membrane the best option?

Is going past the linear drain going to cause problems? How far do I need to do the waterproofing in order to be safe? I just want to have the shower floor slop gently towards the linear drain.

Sorry if it's a rookie question, first time digging into this type of remodel and I'm a bit afraid of what I don't know I don't know.

Thanks for the help!

PS- attached an image, the shower measurement is a bit less than the other side mostly due to the tile I think.
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This is not a rookie question, in fact it's a bit of an advanced technique, and you should think it through carefully.

If by threshold you mean "curb", then I don't know what that has to do with a linear drain. Curbless showers and the shape of the drain aren't much related IMO. However a curbless shower with no door takes some special considerations.

First you will need to drop the floor in the shower area. Take out the subfloor in that area, and put in new joists (going sideways is easiest.) Then carefully measuring, and accounting for the thickness of thinset, Ditra, etc, build your new subfloor. In my case the Schluter shower pan is about 1 1/2" thick, and the shower pan (after tile and everything was installed) had so be about 1/8" lower than the bathroom floor so water would move into the shower, not out.

How far to waterproof past your shower door is a judgement call, but keep in mind that if you're using Ditra on your bathroom floor anyway, it's very easy to simply put in some Kerdi along the wall seam and the seam between the shower Kerdi and the Ditra.

Here are some pics of a similar project I did. This is an accessible shower - not strictly ADA compliant, but a custom request. Of course the drain should be on the opposite side of the shower entry - otherwise too much water would splash out while taking a shower.

The gray band at the front of the shower is dry pack mortar, since the Schulter shower pan wasn't quite big enough to fit that space.
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how to do shower with linear drain and no threshold-wp_20140107_19_23_13_pro.jpg   how to do shower with linear drain and no threshold-wp_20140107_19_24_09_pro.jpg   how to do shower with linear drain and no threshold-wp_20140113_09_46_41_pro.jpg   how to do shower with linear drain and no threshold-wp_20140115_18_02_28_pro.jpg   how to do shower with linear drain and no threshold-wp_20140129_16_27_44_pro.jpg  

how to do shower with linear drain and no threshold-wp_20140129_16_28_42_pro.jpg  

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Along with what Jeff said, go to and look over all their shower products. The ditra Jeff pictured on the floor is waterproof but needs to have a band of kerdi on the seams and at the wall junctions to be totally waterproof. Schluter has a linear drain system made to use with their shower bases. Their products cost a bit but actually work if you follow their instructions. Their installation manual is on the sight and is downloadable as a PDF file.
Mike Hawkins
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