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crystalsophia 05-07-2010 02:16 AM

Help updating kitchen cabinets, etc.
Hi there,

We just closed on our first home last week. Our money is a bit tight right now, so we don't really have the resources for the type of remodel this kitchen deserves. However, I'm wondering if a couple buckets of paint and some cheap floor might be a good temporary fix?

So, I need some help visualizing the potential.. I'm open to putting down some laminate or manufactured wood floors.. the counter and appliances are staying the same for now. What color should I do the cupboards, etc.?

Thank You!!!!

Just Bill 05-07-2010 07:10 AM

Laminate flooring is fairly easy for even the casual DIY, vinyl can be a bit more difficult, either dress up the room. Painint is an option, but clean everything with TSP first, and use an oil base paint for durability. Another option is to strip and refinish the cabinets, but very messy and takes a while. Or if they are not too bad, just clean, sand lightly, and add a coat of oil poly.

lazzlazz 05-07-2010 05:34 PM

Older cupboards are generally built better than all but the best available today. If yours are well-built, I'd consider replacing just the doors (if sanding etc. won't work). If they're not too beat up, sanding &/or stripping wouldn't be a huge problem (they're flat pieces of wood) - remove the doors, take to garage, & get busy (there are good, safer strippers out there). Are the two square corner areas (either side of the cupboards along the stove) available for storage or did they seal them off? If not available, I'd somehow modify to provide some storage for things you rarely use. It would require a saw & some creativity, but I've done it before!

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