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Concrete shower floor and drain issue

I am installing a new shower in my basement and think I may have put myself into a bit of a pickle. I jack hammered the concrete slab which was poured really thick, I mean it is over 7" thick. Once I got through the slab, I tied into an existing 4" ABS line, added a p-trap, and then a shower drain, and filled everything back in and poured concrete to bring it back up to the slab level.

Here is where I might have screwed up. I set the height of the shower drain to be just even with the other tile mounted directly on the slab. I wanted to have no curb and just finish the tile back on the slab cutting a hole out for the drain. Few obvious issues (which seem apparent now, not sure why I didn't think of them when pouring the concrete):
  • First issue, the drain level is too high. The lower drain piece is even with the tile in the rest of the room. This piece should have been much lower so that water could move to it and the adjustable piece could have been adjusted to match the tile.
  • Second issue, the floor isn't sloped, so water wouldn't move towards the drain even if the drain was lower
  • Third issue, the drain is a two piece drain not a three piece drain, meaning it probably can't be used to make a standard pan with liner/mud/tile.
  • Fourth issue, I never removed all the linoleum from the slab prior to tiling the bathroom the first time. So the area I jack hammered and put the plumbing into was filled with concrete and now has no linoleum and the rest of the slab shower area still has it.

So now I am trying to figure out what to do... So far I have come up with three options, but I am hoping someone might have something better as none of them are great.

Option #1) Rent jack hammer, remove all the concrete including linoleum, and start over. This time I put in new three piece drain at lower level, pour concrete again and build preslope into it. Set liner directly onto concrete preslope, and then tile on top. Whole thing should be perfect and not have a curb.

Option #2) Pour additional concrete on the slab that slopes down to the new drain piece (remove linoleum first?). It probably would only need to be 1" higher at the edges sloping down about 1/2" to the drain, remaining 1/2" bringing the slab up to the drain. This would make the shower area edges 1" higher then the rest of the concrete slab. I guess there would be no tile, just the smoothed concrete (would I have to polish it too?). Issue might be how to seal the tile-board to the base of the shower. I'm using denshield and it says to not put it directly on the shower base, so I'd still need to figure out how to have a waterproofing between the base and behind the tile-board. Maybe I could just make some forms and pour concrete along the edges of the base to make a concrete pan? Or liquid waterproofer?

Option #3) Make a traditional shower pan with liner. Obviously there would be a curb. This might be better than having to jack hammer and start over. Not sure. One issue with this though is that my drain is a two piece and doesn't have the slip ring to hold the liner. I guess I could just tighten it down on the liner and have the drain recessed below the tile though. Or maybe stack a bunch of rubber gaskets so it cab be tightened down on the liner but at the same level as the tile.

Option #4?

Attached is pictures of the shower area and a close up of the drain.
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Concrete shower floor and drain issue-wp_20150724_01_28_07_pro.jpg   Concrete shower floor and drain issue-wp_20150724_01_28_54_pro.jpg  
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