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tearitup 06-25-2016 01:05 AM

Best made INsides of kitchen faucets
Looking to replace kitchen faucet - an Am Std "Elite" single handle, plain, arched spout faucet, bought 2004.
Who makes best guts in faucets now? Looking for most durable guts, least problems. Probably 2 handle w/ reasonably high goose neck. No "pull out", no electronics, no flashing lights. A faucet that turns on/off, accepts side sprayer, doesn't need rebuilding every 2 yrs.

All other things being =, do 2 handle, ceramic disk faucets have less problems than single handle? Don't know why a same line, same age - 2 handle lav faucet is problem free - used way more than the shower. Messed up & made a good one?

I still get free Am Std parts - after arguing. That's just it, I've replaced literally every replaceable part on kit. faucet at least 1x, Most 2x, several 3x (cartridge & other) since '04. Between replacing, I have to pull it apart to silicone grease it (a single lever) or can't lift handle.

I don't know if they're all this bad now (had to replace ENTIRE guts of a < 10 yr old Am Std Williamsburg single handle shower faucet. Everything on it leaked; press. bal. valve went bad - caused pipe bumping. Only ONE adult uses that bath.

Our water has 0 (zero) general hardness;
very low dissolved solids, compared to lots of reports from different states.

All 3 faucets have ceramic disks, not standard at the time. That's the only thing that doesn't leak, stick, break. The # times I repair the kit faucet, you'd think we run a 24 hr restaurant.
And Am Std has "lost" lifetime warr receipts several times now. Last summer I sent receipts for both bath faucets (for the *2nd* time) - before they'd send parts.

Now, they say there's a "note in the system - they *were* received, but never "entered" & that employee's gone - no way to get in his email account." Huh? "Would I send them again (a 3rd time)?" Not even please or sor-ree. They also lost the kit faucet receipt, but have records of ALL parts they've sent. Right. :wink2:


Mingledtrash 08-23-2016 09:14 PM

Re: Best made INsides of kitchen faucets
Try a Moen or a Delta I think Amercan Standard has the same but i have little experience with them they both have easy to replace insides and also have lifetime warranty on the insides so if they go bad you can mail the bad part to them and they send you a new one. As far as ceramics go you can come back in another 20 years and i will have a better answer but so far they seem superior.

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