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matermark 01-24-2009 03:28 PM

Anybody install or own a CORNER kitchen sink? Also RTA cabs...
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I have been using design software for the last few months trying to make a new layout for my kitchen. The house is probably about 75 years old or so. The current layout, the kitchen is at the southeast corner of the house and a little small, about 11ft (N-S) by 10ft (E-W.) The biggest obstruction is the chimney in the northeast corner, protruding into the area by about 16x18.

Currently, the fridge is on the west wall, range on the north wall (only about 4ft useable because of the chimney and a doorway on the N wall near NW), no cabs on the east wall but it has the chimney protrusion and a 54" window, and the south wall has all the cabs & standard double sink, looking at the wall & from left (SE) to right (SW):

Approx 33x42 cabinet (these are hard to measure because they are face frame type with external hinges and external handles with buttons that must be pushed, and my measurements stated are off the top of my head right now, plus everything looks built-in-place instead of individual cabinets...)

then the double sink which has a bridge cabinet above, about 18-20" tall,

then another 33x42 cabinet,

then a pantry/broom closet about 24" wide to the full height. It has a large door about 60-62" tall, a rail about 4" tall, and anouther door about 22-24" tall.

The cabinets virtually go to the crown molding. The current cabs don't even clear a coffee maker (not 18" above counter) and the base height after laminate surface is 37" tall. The toaster oven barely clears the cabinets. SEE ATTACHMENT "copy of Now-pic03.jpg."

I would like to use a corner sink, which I already purchased for around $120, and put it in the far left corner of that pic. I would also run cabinets along the wall with the large window, and wrap into the range on the north wall.

I have many different combinations involving the corner sink, but all involve adding the new 4-door LG fridge near where the current sink is, or at least the same wall, and adding a dishwasher next to the corner sink. I wanted to make the new fridge the centerpiece of that wall. If I go with double 18" pantries, the remaining countertop is only 12" between the pantry & corner sink. If I go with just one pantry 24" wide, it would give me 24" of countertop space. (and one 18" gives 30" counterspace.) See the other attachments.

But all this is extra counterspace if I add bases along the east wall under the window. By using a corner sink, that entire wall has uninterrupted counterspace... it can even be used as a baking station, eating spot, etc.

I guess my question about the corner sink is, is there enough room to stand, and how easy is it to build a cabinet or door face? I noticed many RTA (ready to assemble) cabinet companies sell styles of cabinets that just use a diagonal face that has the fake drawer and a door (functioning?) that goes across diagonally and you don't use a corner cabinet. What do you do to support the sink? Is the diagonal face big enough to access the plumbing? Is 1/2" plywood cabinet design strong enough? Has anybody installed a corner sink?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

angus242 01-24-2009 05:16 PM

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Here's a pic of a corner sink. This is a remodeler from another forum I'm on. R&B Remodeling, Washington DC:

matermark 01-24-2009 05:41 PM

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Somewhere, my original pic got lost. All my above pics are "future" pics.

Here's what I currently have:

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