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Weird shower/tub faucet handle and water flow problem

Two things and they might be related. Looking for feedback on what actual problems may be and if this may be a bad problem or deferrable.

1. Hot water handle for the shower/tub faucet turns differently than cold water handle

It takes somewhere around 1-3 complete (360 degree) turns to get hot water to come out the faucet (showerhead or tub spout via diverter in tub spout). The cold water handle doesn't require that, where a partial turn ~ 180 degrees is enough to get cold water out.

And to turn off the water supply, the hot water handle, while water is seemingly shut off after say 1 or 2 complete turns, can still be turned completely once more or so to snugly be sure water is shut off. Cold water handle functions more normally.

Both handles are supposedly of the same type, and when we last checked, the handle's valve stem seemed ok, but the washers were worn so we had replaced those.

Also, while turning on the hot water handle, it sometimes makes a squeakin noise a liitle bit like steam coming off a boiling teapot.

2. Low water flow to no water from hot water side from shower at times

The shower/tub and sink faucets in bathroom get low water flow when another faucet is being used in the house. I guess that can mean old supply line pipes that need replacing from sediment buildup over the years.

But what was concerning was that today, the hot water went low flow while I was taking a shower and went all cold, so I tried reducing the cold water, essentially turning it off, and got no water coming out, even though the hot water side was supposed to be on, not even dribbles from the showerhead. I then turned the hot water handle further some more (in on position) then hot water started spewing out the showerhead. I didn't check but someone may have been using a faucet during that time perhaps as well. But I would never have expected the hot water flow to go from good flow to no flow, rather lower flow.

Also, if it makes any difference we also have a water pump connected to water heater with diverter valve connecting hot water line to cold water line at the bathroom sink supply lines of the same bathroom of this problem shower faucet.

I hope what I describe may just be old pipes, but is there any possibility of water leaks here or worn faucet parts? I haven't seen any visible water leaking out the walls/flooring of the surrounding vicinity. As for parts, we only replaced the washers and the tub spout.
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Shut off the water and pull the hot stem. My guess is the washer is loose or has come off of the stem (broken or loose screw). If the screw is broken, you might be looking at replacing the entire stem. When assembling, be sure to grease everything up well.

Might be just as well to replace both hot and cold stems and seats at this time. Not usually too difficult of a job.

Good luck!
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