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Water pressure dropped to a trickle in whole house

We went from having decent water pressure thru the whole house, to a very abrupt drop systemically. The downstairs sinks as well as the upstairs sinks, toilet, and shower all have a trickle now.

When we turn something on, especially something major like the shower or flushing the toilet we can hear a loud groaning/buzzing kind of sound for a little while, assuming it's the water pump.

If we leave the shower going for a while the pressure will come back mostly every once in a while for a brief time and then drop off to a trickle again. It's like the pump is trying to keep up but it just can't.

Either the pump itself is burning out, which I would have 'assumed' would have been an all or nothing kind of thing...or something (sediment or something flushed by the kids) is blocking something somewhere....or sediment finally breaking loose and blocking it...or some other issue I have no idea about.

How do I diagnose this to try and fix? I've attached some pics of the setup downstairs. There is a fairly deep well outside that has a wire going into it so I'm again 'assuming' there is a submerged pump down there. We just turned the kitchen sink on to let it run and I could hear a faint hum when I opened the top of the well cover, whether it was coming from the pump down there or just radiating from the connected blue tank inside I don't know.

Is it possibly the blue tank and whatever air/pressure bladder is inside? We looked for a pressure valve to adjust but could not find one between the outside well to the blue tank or anywhere in betwee, I'm not sure if it's one of the rusted out gauges at the bottom of that tank or not.

We recently installed a new washer so I'm not sure if that could have somehow screwed something up either.

Thanks for any insight.
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Water Treatment
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Re: Water pressure dropped to a trickle in whole house

There are no photos, but that aside . When the pump comes on how long does it take for the pump to then stop? or how long is the run cycle?
It could be that the pump is weak and needs replacement or that there is a leak between the well and the house.

How deep is the well?
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Re: Water pressure dropped to a trickle in whole house

I have not read all of the information in this link but it looks as if it is a rather comprehensive description of trouble shooting well problems.

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