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Septic Line Plug

Lots of info
Background: house built in 1974, raised foundation going to septic tank.
Order of drops into mainline from the end:
#1 bathroom (this is where the plug is, slow drain)
#2 Kitchen/Dishwasher (minor issue here mentioned at end)
#3 deep sink/laundry (seems to be working ok)
#4 other 2 bathrooms (seems to be working ok)

Own house for about 2 months, 2nd house go to it every other weekend. Used bathroom #1, seemed to be working ok, took shower and it backed up. Assuming the pipe capacity handled the low flow toilet water, but couldn’t keep up with shower. The previous owner left a work order for snaking a soft plug out of this line in early 2014.

Have home warranty, got plumber out, snaked the line got out a little hair, the plumber put out enough line to go to septic tank, but couldn’t get the plug out. Plumber refused to go under the house. Plumber was going to see if the home warranty would camera the line. Haven’t heard back, probably won’t.

I went under the house and here is what I found: see pic #1
The pipe coming in from the left is the line from bathroom #1. There are jacks (right side), the house has been leveled, probably lifting the main line. The displacement on the pier (left side) is 3/8”. Also notice that the end of the main line is supporting vent piping.

Pic #2, pipe as it goes right is going to septic tank. From the compression clamp (middle of pic) going left is now downhill (or uphill as going to septic) because of sag. I’m guessing solids/hair settled back on that wye and built up plugging the bath #1 line. Am I guessing right?
So now I have to raise that end (without messing up the slope from bathroom #1) and clean the plug.

Cleaning the plug – getting that end cap off – Is it as simple as removing the compression clamp and using a strap wrench to get the cap off? Does this rubber/clamp need to be replaced with new if removed or can it be reused? Should the cap be a slip cap and should it come off easily or is it going to be a fight? Then it’s just a matter of fishing out the garbage. I work at a wastewater treatment plant, so getting dirty is not an issue.

Adjusting/supporting the end section – can I just use a bottle jack and some wood blocks and jack it up? Then adjust the existing supporting tape? Should I add more support tape? Should I get a concrete pier and more wood and support from the bottom?

The issue with the kitchen sink- drains fine with normal flow, but when the dishpan is dumped into the garbage disposal side, it backs into the other side, but drains rapidly. I took everything under the sink apart, it was all clear and the tee is installed correctly.

I hope I am going in the right direction… tell me if I’m not.
Any advice, precautions, words of wisdom, tricks, short cuts, what else I should do.., would be appreciated.

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Re: Septic Line Plug

I would be getting on that warranty agents back about getting this corrected.

That mess under there looks like a bunch of California POT HEADS did it.

And if you touch it most warranty places will void the warranty, citing user foul up.

But yes the thing needs realigned proper, and the weight of the heat/ cooling ducts taken off of it.

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