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problems bleeding new radiator on monoflo T system

Helping a friend install a new euro style wall hung radiator panel.
Got it mounted to the wall with the compression fittings attached and adapted to 1/2" copper pipe.

She has a Monoflo T system.

The vendor of the radiator said the supply is always the inner pipe and the return is the outer (in my case supply on the left, return on the right).

My problem is, I can't figure out what's going with the direction of circulation.

The Ts are old. One is a regular looking copper T, and one looks like bronze, and on the bronze Ts are cast something like "supply T" and an arrow pointing to the right. I assumed this meant this was the supply direction. So I hooked it up that way.

Filled up the boiler, got it up to temp, turned up the T-stat to 95, and started bleeding everything. Long story short, all the old cast iron radiators got pretty hot and bled hot water, but the new was just low pressure cold water coming out the bleed screw.

In the basement, the hot water was coming from the reverse direction I assumed the supply to come from. There is an expansion tank on top with an arrow pointing (I assumed this meant direction of water). And the circulator pump is just above the burner near the center of the boiler. I assumed the circulator was at the return end. But the circulator end was getting hot, and it would get hot down the line for a bit then peter out.

This caused me to suspect I had plumbed the new radiator backwards. So I chopped up the two pipes underneath the radiator and switched them.

Got everything back up to speed. I realized the pump wasn't running, despite calling for heat. So I jumpered it at the t-stat. All of a sudden tons of air being pushed around, gurgling, etc....

Again, bled all the radiators, this time all the old cast iron ones spat a bunch of air and bled piping hot water.
The new one actually spat a little bit this time, but then still just trickled cold water.

What's strange is, underneath the new radiator, the pipe that I had originally though was the supply is getting much hotter than the other one.

Long story short, I can't figure out what the hell I've done wrong and how to bleed this radiator or whether or not I have it backwards and had it right the first time and just wasn't circulating to bleed it properly.


edit: possibly an important detail: we removed a radiator and installed shut-off valved just above each T. i just read that i should have a pipe between these two Ts instead of the radiator.
is this my whole problem? everything else is working though except for the new radiator.
thanks again.

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Does this radiator have its own loop of pipe all the way up from the furnace and back and its own circulator pump (all as a zone for itself)?
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