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Laundry standpipe weir and change in elevation of vented branch

I know there are rules that specify that the trap weir can't be higher than the top of the pipe at the vent opening, as also shown in the next picture:

but wasn't sure if I can add a vent BEFORE the 45s, and then it would be OK to make the change in elevation.

Would the following (below image) be permitted?

I am in NY state.
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Is there some weird reason you need to cock the trap drain like that? If you revent it like shown it may be legal unless the vent wye is to close to the trap.
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As far as I know, yes, what you propose is legal under the UPC but as Ghostmaker points out the trap arm (between the trap weir and the vent opening) must be at least two pipe diameters long. So for 2" pipe, you need at least 4".

Also, your re-vent needs to either 1) rise 6" above the top of the standpipe before turning to go horizontal and join the VTR (Vent Through the Roof), or 2) rise at least 6" above the top of the trap arm and use swept drain fittings, not hard-90 vent fittings.
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