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Kitchen Sink Moved - new kitchen

So I put in a new kitchen..looks nice, minus the fact that the sinks and dishwasher have an issue regarding drainage. Well there is no drainage right now... thats why im here looking for some expert advice.

I live in a side split house, and in my case where the new kitchen sink is (the sink moved to another wall about 5 feet away ) there is no where to tie into the drainage below. Below the kitchen is a crawl space... no electrical there, no plumbing there, other than the hot and cold water I ran from a washroom on the other side into the crawl space and up to where the new sinks are. That wasnt a problem as I dont need gravity for hot and cold water and my soldering is pretty good for a newbie. It was a problem when the self tapping valve flew off the hot water pipe in the kitchen when i touched it... but thats a lesson learned. (Imagine trying to hold the hot water pressure coming up with your thumb as the valve sky rockets into the ceiling and hot water is spraying in every direction, the wife cant find the water shut off valve... i had to fly down stairs soaking burning wet while the hot water blasted to the ceiling basically and shut off the main water valve before our kitchen became a pool.... was fun but at least the kitchen got cleaned, even the ceiling ... anyway back to the problem.

Now here is the problem: Where the kitchen sink used to be, it drained through a pipe that went through the kitchen wall and into that down stairs washroom which sits lower than the kitchen, into the main drain (same huge drain my toilet connects to from above). (sorry for lack of plumbing terms I am a total newbie, this is more of a summer hobby thing for me but i want to do it right which is why im here asking questions) Problem is now my kitchen sink is no where near that drain pipe. Its about 5 feet away from the old drain. Not only that my sink is on another wall about 5 feet (pvc worth away from the original drain.

This ASCII visualization may help: (old sink and counter setup)

________Back Wall___________________Back Wall______________________
_if you were to drill through this back wall you would end up upstairs basically,
stupid side split design... never again......
__________________________________________________ _______________
_____counter________|___sink___|_______counter____ _____| Outside wall
|S---} (this part went through the back wall behind the sink and into the washroom on the other side of that wall below and connects to that big white pipe that goes underground somewhere into sewage land. so the return pipe never enters the crawl space, not only that its not even as LOW as the crawl space. Actually this pipe is about 2 or 3 feet higher than where the crawl space would start below.

This is the new setup (and you will see now why I am screwed): (again in Ascii)

__________________________________________________ ___
___counter________fridge____stove_|_counter_______ ___
(old drain area) ||
| | Outside wall
| |
i |
| |
| |
_ counter_ dishwasher__________/

the new setup looks better even in ascii... sorry I got some time on my hands, cant sleep.

Dishwasher drainage and hot water is not problem i can run it behind the counter to the main SINKS area with some tube and enough down slope.

So I was thinking I can run the pvc behind the new counter but then realized there wouldnt be enough slope to get the water actually over there to the old drainage hookup (not only that its right beside my stove which id prefer not) Mostly because my new kitchen is an inverse L shape and the return water would have to go down the sink drain around the inverse L and then into the existing drainage pipe (as shown in my first ascii image)...

mistake: went to home depot, guy told me some things, bought some stuff... looked at it, and knew no way in hell was it going to work (either the water would not go down the drain, or it would sit really high up above the trap. Not only that id have a 5 foot trap basically in my inverse L. Not only that , one of his suggestion was to go down into the crawl space, cut over 5 feet, then have it come back up behind where the new stove is and out the existing old drain pipe. MY knowledge told me I should not be forcing drain water UP nor should water be running behind my stove. ( I think I got a guy in the wrong department helping me) anyways... so my option to run behind the counter is not an option due to slope issues and trap issues and tons of other issues there. My only option is to go straight down into the crawl space... but from there... where to connect? I can run a pipe direct to that big white pipe that connects the toilet... its about 7 feet away from where the sink drop would come down, but I really dont want to tap into that. (never tried that and wouldnt know where to start, not only that im sure its filled with crap. literally.
Next I heard I can buy a pump to pump water up to a existing drain pipe, but id like to avoid that pump, pumps will fail, and itll cost electricity and likely make some noise. Anything mechanical will stop working eventually. Not only that I still dont want to pump water up into that existing old drain pipe where the new stove is gana go. stove +water = bad

Any ideas? or am I seriously screwed? I can go down and cut over to that big white pipe that goes into the ground but I dont even know how to tap into that thing without cutting it and making a huge ass mess. Is there an easy way to add an extension on to that white main drain pipe so if I drop my return water down to crawl space from new sink I can tap it direct into that white pipe? OR is the only way to cut it, attach a __/ fitting to it and have my water drain into it? (I really dont want to cut that big white pipe ..Serious)

Other options I have thought of is having my brother live in the crawl space and when we pour water down the drain tell him to collect it in a bucket to dispose later. ( all he does is play video games anyway im sure he can unload a bucket now and then) ... no seriously what do you guys think? sorry for the long explanation but I wanted to make clear what im dealing with , I hope it makes sense. I should have thought of this before I decided to put the kitchen sinks there I know but I honestly didnt think this house was built basically with water only existing on one side... the side where anything to tap into for drainage is above sink level....
I thought I saw something on TV or maybe online that you can drill a hole into that big white pipe and push a fitting into the hole and it binds somehow making a solid connection? Anyone seen or heard of there? If so thats the only answer I can think without cutting into that huge white Drain.

Thanks guys, sorry im such a newbie... live and learn... but im sure theres a way Even if it means my brother lives in the crawl space for a bit :P

Excuse the ASCII mess.... its fine till I hit post then none of it makes sense ( doesnt keep original formatting)

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Post some picture of the kitchen and the crawl space----I think that your lack of plumbing knowledge is causing the problem---

If the toilet stack is within 5 feet that may be the place to cut in---a vent for the sink might be your biggest problem---Pictures--Please.
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