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Gas line pressure test?

I made a few changes to my gas line, basically tapped into a T and ran a line to my back patio for a future natural gas grill.

I've leak tested with soapy water, etc, but I want to run a pressure test and I want to insure I do it correctly as I want to sheetrock over the added line as it' in my basement ceiling and I'm trying to finish it off.

I have a gauge that goes up in 2psi increments. I put it on a brass manifold with a shradder valve on one end and I've added a coupler on the other end to get it to match the threads on the shut-off for the future grill. Am I correct that now I just need to shut the gas off at the meter, turn off the shut-off's at the water heater and the furnace (only two other items connected), then pressurize to about 15psi and insure that there is no pressure loss within about 10-15min? I'll probably go for 30, unless that's pointless.

If that holds am I safe to assume I can permanently cover the new line???

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20lbs. is my required test pressure.
Also, you want to disconnect from your appliances before testing and plug the valves in their on position. This is in case a shut off valve fails at 20 psi, you are not putting that high pressure on the appliances internal gas valve.

After a good test of 20-30 minutes, you want to purge the air before reconnecting to the appliances.
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That's certainly not a hydro test but as long as the temperature stays fairly constant I wouldn't be concerned with it in my house being it's soap tested.

One caveat is it still being connected to the supply valve at the meter and the appliance valves, and if those leak even a little the test isn't valid. So in this instance the soap test really tells us more about the pipe connections and of course with the exception whether the valves are 100 percent.
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You also need to disconnect the house lines from the gas meter, as you could damage it. But, it's more likely that you won't be able to put much pressure into the line because the gas company's regulator's over pressurization protection (OPP) will vent the excess pressure (if you have 7" wc delivery, the OPP should kick in at around 14" wc, and ~3 psi for 2 psi delivery, meaning your test pressure won't rise above that pressure because the regulator will vent it off). Also, while soap is an alright test for leaks in final connections that won't be hidden, a pressure test higher than operating pressure will show you leaks that the soap test otherwise wouldn't. Also, soap isn't that great of a leak locator. The best stuff to use is professional grade leak detector fluid.

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