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Gas line adding another appliance

Hi All,
Thanks for looking in. Sorry for the lengthy post in advance, just wanted to be detailed.

Adding onto an existing gas line:
Currently I have a 3/4 line into my house. That 3/4 feeds my FAU, Water Heater, and Dryer. Total Cubic Feet of Gas per Hour used is 113 GPH Max. (I used 1100 to divide BTU's) This line is about 49' from the meter to a "T" that feeds all three mentioned above. All "T"'s are 3/4 as are elbows, the only reductions are after "T"'s to then go to 1/2" to each appliance, which each has it's own shut off valve.

My run looks like this
: 1 1/4 @ meter reduced to 3/4. 90 Elbow up to attic, from there a 90 Elbow to roof peak area, from there a 90 Elbow to then run the length of house Then it's double T'd to the FAU, Water Heater, and Dryer. There is a "T" at the Dryer (the furthest at this point from the Meter) It is capped. Which is the one I would like to have 'hopped' onto before learning about the length and gas demand.

Question: I want to "T" off that last 3/4" and travel another 33' (A total of 79') over to my kitchen to add a 5 burner Cook-top requiring 55' GPH.
As it is now those 3 appliance are using 113' according to the table (that is fine), but when adding the extra length it will not service the (soon to be) furthest appliance on the run according to the table. The max allowed at 80' on 3/4 is 118 GPH. I have a 168 potential when adding the cook-top. At 1" I can get there up to 220 GPH.

Must I change out the WHOLE line to 1" to accommodate this? Or can I change part of it to increase my length?

Eg., Change out the first 37' from 3/4" to 1" and then reduce to 3/4 to feed those appliances? Whereas the last 33' to that last appliance is on 3/4" as are the other 3. IF so... what is the formula or table to use (In laymen terms if you could) of when does the run count as 3/4 ?

Another Better easier (for me) example would be the 1 1/4" comes out of the residential meter, If I were to run that 1 1/4" up to the first elbow 90 then go to 3/4'. IF I did that would that 3/4 run now start at that point? Or is there a formula for having the first 20' 1 1/4 and then the last 60' at 3/4?
In other words switch from meter to 1 1\4 out up the wall, into attic and then at an elbow reduce to 3/4 and then my table of math would start as 3/4" from that point of where I reduced it at?
I am not sure if this is coming across, for what I am doing here. ??

Thanks and sorry for the long post.
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