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food grade surfactant?

I use a permanent sediment filter (made by Water Source) up stream of my water softener's 20" cartridge filter canister to extend the life of the replaceable cartridge filters. This particular sediment filter has a plastic bowl with a removable 200 micron screen inside of it.
There is a valve at the base where one can blow down the trapped sediment that lies in the bottom, along with whatever larger pieces are up against the screen (this is a deep well water system). I blow the unit down every day and have to remove the screen every 2 weeks to remove the smaller pieces of sediment and iron that have become embedded in the screen. This is really very simple to do and takes
almost no time at all.
My issue is with the rust that collects on the interior of the bowl. I have been using 0000 (very fine) steel wool to remove the rust (which makes it difficult to see through the bowl to check the amount of blockage on the screen) about once every two months (the iron concentration in our water isn't really that high). This task is a hassle because the bowl is 6" deep and one cannot reach the bottom with fingers alone. Over time, I can tell that the bowl is beginning to become slightly foggy due to the light scratching caused by using the steel wool. I have not tried using products like CLR because I do not know how they would affect the plastic, and also because I'm not so sure that would be considered safe in a
drinking water system.
Is there some kind of a food grade surfactant that could be used to coat the inside of the bowl that would prevent the rust from adhering to it? If you have any other suggestions, they would be most welcome. If I could obtain a glass bowl, I'd go that route, but there is nothing available.
Thanks for your time and consideration. Rob
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Try paraffin on a test area.
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