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Drain dishwasher to bathroom plumbing?

My husband and I are planning to remodel our kitchen. I don't like where my dishwasher is at the present time because its location, when the door is open, prohibits us from accessing several cabinets and the stove/oven. I would like to move it to the wall across from the oven (where you see the orange box). This wall backs up to our bathroom/washroom and the dishwasher's placement will be directly behind where our bathroom sink is located.

Is it feasible to drain the dishwasher into the bathroom sink drain pipe?

Is there anything special that we would need to do to make this kind of a connection?

Any and all help is appreciated!!! Thank you in advance.

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Can't imagine having a dishwasher that isn't next to the sink from a pure practical issue. Carrying a lot of dirty wet dishes across the kitchen seems like a lot of extra work .

A dishwasher tail piece can certainly be physically added to the bathroom sink although you have to remove the drain stopper and its mechanism . Whether it's code to snake the dishwasher drain through the wall to the other room, I don't know . Beat in mind you do need to have a water shutoff for the dishwasher in the same room as the dishwasher .
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Re: Drain dishwasher to bathroom plumbing?

From strictly a plumbing point of view, bathroom drain lines are usually 1 1/4" while kitchen drain lines are 1 1/2". Dishwasher tailpieces are 1 1/2". I have never seen a 1 1/4" dishwasher tailpiece. Therefore you would have to convert the bath plumbing to 1 1/2". I am not sure if you could find a strainer for the bath sink that is 1 1/2" AND would fit a bath sink. I am not a pro but have done my share of plumbing in my rentals. Professional plumbers here may have a better answer than mine.

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Re: Drain dishwasher to bathroom plumbing?

Kitchen sinks are 36" high (generally speaking) and bath sinks may be 30". You may not have the room for a dishwasher tail tube. The dishwasher drain tube may have to be removed also and that means leaving an access hole from bath to kitchen for the smell and sound to travel. Machine draining noise will be also heard from the bath.
If the vanity drain is that close, you may have to open the wall and redo that part of the drain. If you can replace the kitchen drain to 2", you may be able to extend it to the dishwasher. It's a plumbing rule where bigger size drain (only up to certain distance) is ok without the vent.
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Re: Drain dishwasher to bathroom plumbing?

If the lav drains with a 1 1/2" pipe until he hits the WC drain, you'll be exceeding the drain units on that 1 1/2" pipe.

This King County chart is from the UPC and is applicable anywhere the UPC is used and not locally amended otherwise.
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