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Bathroom leak


Woke up this morning and went to use the toilet in our main bathroom and found a nice wet spot on the floor in front of the toilet. I have noticed for about a week now that there has been a ring around the base of the toilet. I am assuming that this leak is indicating that the seal needs replacing underneath. Is there any suggestions that I should follow when replacing and what is the best way to go about changing this?
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Re: Bathroom leak

Before you replace the seal, tighten the nuts on the side of the toilet. Sometimes they come loose from the vibration.
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Re: Bathroom leak

Well, you unbolt the toilet, and lift it off, scrape the old wax off of the flange in the floor and the toilet and apply a new one. There's some things to watch for, like making sure that the new wax ring is thick enough so that it forms a good seal with the toilet and aligning it properly so you don't wind up with the wax ring partially blocking the drain. Hardest part for me is setting the toilet down so the horn of the toilet lines up with the drain on the first try. You'll use the new bolts, and they should have little washer things that allow you to install them so that they serve as sort of a guide to where you are--line the bolts up with the bolt holes on the toilet before you set it on the wax. Might even want to take the tank off to make it easier on a rookie. Watch some youtubes.
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Re: Bathroom leak

Hopefully it hasn't damaged the floor underlayment. You'll know when you remove the toilet. Had that happen in the kids' bathroom once and by the time I knew about it, we had to replace a section of floor and things had to dry out awhile. The bathroom was down for a week. Guess what I'm saying is don't let it fester.
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Re: Bathroom leak

Close the water supply and empty the tank and bowl. Prior to lifting the toilet, prepare a plug ( old towel, big wad of shop towels or whatever ) to plug the waste pipe to 1) prevent possible sewer gas from entering your occupied space and 2) none of your tools will do you any good dropped down the pipe.

I take mine out onto the deck on a dolly built of scrap fence lumber and caster wheels from an old office chair. Carefully, to prevent disturbing the tank to toilet bowl connection, lay the toilet on the side so the wax seal area can be cleaned in preparation for a new seal.

When re-setting onto the new seal, to help align the toilet to the bolts earlier rather than later, a drink straw can be placed on the new Johnny Bolts if you desire.
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Re: Bathroom leak

As poster Guap0 suggests, before you take everything apart I'd first make sure that the water isn't leaking from the tank and then finding its way down to the base. Take a few squares of toilet paper and wipe the underside of the tank and where the bowl attached to the tank, to detect water. Those nuts under there should be snugged up with a nutdriver, but don't overtighten.
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