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above ground water storage tanks

I been looking at some houses out in Colorado in the more remote areas and some of these houses have above ground water tanks for a water source,

I was wanting to know a bit more about them,, it seems like it might be a big pain to deal with as I never seen one of these before, the houses all have big bath tubs and are very nice they are big regular houses not small cabins or anything, whats the deal with these things, there around 1000 gals, don't they freeze in the winter? does it cost lots of money to have them filled?

just wondering,, I really like the land and the houses, not sure why theres no wells dug,, but I have came a crossed a few houses with this set up.

so are these things a big costly pain in the butt would be my question
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The primary problem with above ground gravity water storage tanks (cisterns) is sanitation. You need some kind of chlorination or other system to go with them.

They can also be part of a low yielding well system and replenished by the well pump. If they are too low to the ground then a pump with pressure tank, in addition to any well pump, is needed to maintain the usual water pressure inside the house.

If the houses you saw don't have wells then the latter were probably too expensive to dig down to reach underground aquifers.

Yes it costs money to refill these tanks if needed. Then you have to add the problem of planning usage so as not to run out.

In some cases rain water can be collected from the house roof to replenish the water tank.

They won't freeze that fast in winter but they will eventually freeze if you don't have a small heater inside perhaps together with yet another pump to churn the water inside.
Stick to your lawn watering schedule until it really pours. Otherwise the storm might miss and the part that gets watered last (3 days away?) will dry up.

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Here's a fun thought experiment: which has more heat, a lit match or a tub full of lukewarm water?

Answer: the tub of water, by a huge margin. Water stores a surprising amount of BTUs of thermal energy, which is why we use it for things like the working fluid in the cooling systems of internal combustion engines.

When you add in the sunshine hitting those aboveground tanks (to the tune of 2-4 kilowatts per square meter per day in winter in Colorado), those tanks are unlikely to freeze except during exceptional circumstances.
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