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DIY pest control? Or call a "pro"?


There was a previous thread that either got shut down or died on the vine, because it appeared that the starter was a pest-control person. I totally respect those reasons, and you don't have to explain.

I'm not a pest control person trying to drum up business. I'm coping with pests like we all do.

I honestly thought that this is a good useful line of discussion that really gets to heart of what this website's about.

So, with that in mind, I offer the following:

When do you DIY PC? And, when do you call a pro instead?

I'm not talking about when you're required to call a pro, as when, for example, in California you're required by law to "tent" your house for termites when you sell it. I'd never, ever try that myself, even if the law allowed it, which I suspect it doesn't.

I've heard, too, that sometimes restaurants are sometimes required to hire pros to deal with rats, etc.

There's times when you have an ongoing problem that won't go away, and you might not have time to do the best job of management yourself, so it might pay then to hire someone.

For example, I have a friend who's an astrophysics researcher at Cal Tech, who has a nice garden in LA and he has gophers up the yin-yang, the wazoo, and all the rest, and they will not go away, because there's other adjoining parcels that have them, and the people don't control them there. His wife works too, so she doesn't have time to fiddle with that either.

So, after a year or two of fussing with it, he hired a professional gopher annihilator, who comes about once a month and keeps a lid on the problem. I recall it was about $35 a month. He does whatever's needed, traps, poison, etc.

In my case, I have a gopher or two, so I'll just do it myself. For now.

So, hope this is stimulating enough to keep everyone stimulated . . . . .

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First, poor gophers.
Second, depends how good you are at finding and repairing entry ways for pests and how much time you have to do it.
Third, it depends on the type of pest. If it's something like a snake, you probably want to pay someone to handle that unless you're confident that you can do it yourself.
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Re: DIY pest control? Or call a "pro"?

I call a pro if the job requires the use of a restricted chemical that I cannot buy online.

I hired someone at a cost of $350 to remove gophers and he caught not a single one. Waste of money. Added a barn owl nesting box which I hope will be occupied eventually.

I have tried traps for the ground squirrels with zero success. 90% success with a pellet rifle.

I avoid using poison baits so as not to kill hawks and vultures or coyotes.
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Re: DIY pest control? Or call a "pro"?

Get a gopher killing cat.
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