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vinyl floor's grout

How do I take off the excess grout from a new installation of vinyl tiles?
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Please tell me you did not use reguler glued down tiles and tryed to add a gap between then then grouted.
Try some vinager and water 50/50.

It really needed to be removed as it was being done.
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Is "grout" sanded silicone or acrylic?
Try a product such as "Goof Off" read labels, some do claim to be specifically effective on caulks. ( which is what your "grout" really is.)
Dried silicone, especially thin "haze" is difficult to remove, the few solvents that will dissolve it will also dissolve tile. Latex and acrylic slightly easier. Lightly dampen cloth with acetone, methanol, mineral spirits or isopropyl alcohol, test on scrap tile. Lots of scrubbing without letting solvent damage tile or seep between tiles and loosen adhesive . Bigger blobs mite be scraped off with cheap plastic putty knife. A bit of alcohol may soften the blob some. A soft abrasive pad such as used to scrub teflon pans, with alcohol may help with haze, gotta be softer than tile, scratching tile just gives more surfaces for haze to stick.
House hold white vinegar can soften silicone if it hasn't set up. But I wouldn't dilute it in fact you may need to go to stronger horticultural vinegar or acetic acid .

Wear rubber gloves, eye protection , long sleeves, most of above "solvents" are respiratory nuisances or even hazards, so ventilation and even respirator may be needed. Most are also flammable. Those warnings bring us to opposite end of pH scale from acids. Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda or lye) and its equally scary cousin potassium hydroxide. Some people have claimed success using them. I would start off with very weak solution.

When diluting an acid or base, add it to water, not water to it, to avoid splash or boil off.

"reguler glued", joe, i think yore spiel czech done eloped with mine. i wooden half notissed if it hadn bean write necks two "glue."
The other day , at HD, I grabbed a tan colored caulk to match paint, , got home started using it, " What tha? This caulk is....curdled?" The DIYchatters are right about HD! Looked at tube, yep, sanded caulk for "grouting" tile.
Measure twice, cut once.
Look at the nail, not the hammer. Watch the fence, not the blade.
If you hook your thumb over your belt you won't hit it with the hammer or leave it layin on the saw table.

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