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Trying to remove base molding

I'm trying to remove the base molding that I have right now. It is lacquered wood and I want to paint it white. From what I have been told it is very hard to paint this stuff so I have to sand it really well. I figured removing it would be the best way to sand it down. My living room is carpet so that is easy. My dining room is real hardwood and it looks like the molding was put on first and then the hardwood flooring was installed right up to the molding, leaving no gap. The carpets are installed the same way. From what I have read (and I'm not saying this is correct), it seems most people put base molding on first when doing carpet and second when doing hardwood to cover the gap. There is no shoe molding or quarter round.

What is the best option here? I don't want to ruin the hardwood floors obviously. I'm trying to keep these moldings to save money. They are simple but I find them to be really nice.

I have taken off some of the molding around the carpet and that was easy but the ones near the hardwood are tough. What I have been doing is tapping in the nails as far as I can without cracking the molding and then prying the molding away from the wall. When there isn't anything holding the bottom tight, it is very easy. But since the hardwood is holding the bottom to the wall I can't pry the molding off.
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I dont know who puts down base molding before the carpet, in my area they put it down afterwards to hide the edges. And it should have gone down after the wood as well. Getting it out now, i think, would depend on the location of the nails. If its in the top, it would be simple. If its in the bottom, it wont.
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On carpet, it is actually better if the molding is installed first. Otherwise, when the carpet gets changed or if it gets restretched the molding would need to be removed again. There is no problem getting a nice looking edge, when trimming carpet to molding.
And molding should always be nailed to the wall. Nailing it to the floor can hamper the natural expansion and contraction of the wood floor.
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It was installed that way all the time many years ago.
My guess is there may also be base cap moulding on top of it that would also have to come off.
This is not going to be an easy job and some of it's going to get damaged.
Cut the paint line at the top of the moulding and on the inside corners.
Tap in a wide putty knife that has the blade all the way through the hande and use a wooden handled one not plastic.
The puddy knife will start to get the trim away from the wall and give you a place to tap in a thin trim bar and not hurt the wall.
If there's base cap it needs to all come off first.
Now do the same thing for the base.
All your going to be able to do is pry it out away from the wall enough to get a sawsall with a metal cutting blade in to cut off the nails that are going to be below the flooring into the bottom plate.

A whole lot easyer to just lightyl sand the trim and leave it in place. There is no need for a heavy sanding.
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