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Question: Can I Install Pergo over Dri Core?

Hello All,
I have two questions regarding my flooring project. Sorry for the long first post here.

I have a 50 year old house, slab on grade, in northern NJ. One room on the lower level had vinyl flooring. The floor underneath it was rotting, it was starting to give way when we walked on it. I pulled up the vinyl flooring, the hardwood floorboards [fir], the 2x4 sleepers and the black roll roofing [moisture barrier], down to the concrete floor. There was white fungus eating the fir and 2x4s. It had also travelled up one of the walls under a double window, so some drywall had to be removed too. The concrete floor under the window is about 8" below grade on that side of the house. There was no sign of water infiltration.

I believe most of the moisture had entered between the wood window and the stucco/cement block that the window was built in. I repaired that, and also did a few small stucco patches in that area. A friend who does mold remediation came over and sprayed some mildew/fungus killer [a blue liquid which we diluted] to kill the stuff. We then wire-brushed the surfaces and sprayed again.

The concrete floor has now been exposed for two or three months, during which time we have had heavy rains. There is never any water infiltration, but a drop cloth that was laying there for two weeks does feel damp. This is true for the other parts of my ground floor - the only time I had actual water infiltration [luckily only in the laundry room] was during Hurricane Floyd. Things lying on the floor will get damp though. I am going to dig a trench around the house and fill it with gravel and perforated pipe.

My Intended Plan of Action:
I am considering sealing the concrete with UGL Clear Sealer, or Sika Clear Sealer. I saw Dir Core in both HomeDepot and Lowe’s and the people there seemed to think it was a good product for my situation. I am planning to top it off with Pergo flooring, with 6 mil polyethelyne between them.

1) Can I lay Pergo on top of Dri Core?
I already bought some Pergo laminate flooring [got a great deal on it since they were closing out that color - $6.47 per box!]. The Dir Core brouchure says that you can install laminate or engineered hardwood over it, but the Pergo help line said I should just lay it onto the concrete, not over DriCore or any subfloor or over 2x4 sleepers with plywood.
The Pergo has the thin foam pad already attached. I would like to use the Dir Core because:
a) The Dri Core will act as insulation, which will be helpful in that room [northeast corner of the house].
b) The Dri Core plus the Pergo will be closer to the height of the original flooring than just the thin Pergo.
c) I fear the foam pad on the Pergo will act like a sponge and hold moisture, even after sealing the concrete. The bottom of the DriCore is plastic, so it should be more resistant to moisture.

2) Moisture Barrier or Not?
I have read / heard conflicting advice as to putting a vapor barrier down. Some say "let it breathe", others "keep out all the water/moisture you can".

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to install pergo over any concrete subfloor you have to install a moisture barrier. Use 6mil plastic and tape the seams with duct tape. Allow the plastic to ride up the wall about 4 or 5 inches and install the base over the plastic. This allows the moisture to wick across the floor and evaporate in the room. If the floor is below grade you will need to have dehumidifiers or air conditioning in the area.
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