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this is an amazing thread as we do this work for a living - thankfully we're profitable but we'd be ' tits up ' in a heartbeat working like that,,, bless your heart ! ! !

i do wonder, tho, how much $ you could've made working while hiring this 1 day job out ? ? ?
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i do wonder, tho, how much $ you could've made working while hiring this 1 day job out ? ? ?
well, a pro that you hire comes on average at $60/hour. so a 1 day job is quite expensive compared to what i earn in a day (i don't make $60 per hour).

but your point is still a good one and sometimes it even works out in home owner's favour. but what would be the fun in that? if it seems possible for DIY, i like to try everything and learn. then when i learned (the hard way) i chose what to hire out for the next time. for me, drywall i am no good at. seems easy, but there is most definately a skill that is hard (for me) to learn. i take HOURS and HOURS sand/patch/sand/patch etc etc. it is for sure worth it to hire this job out. but i am glad i tried it myself a few times.
"if you can't be handsome, at least you can be handy" -Redgreen
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Old 06-17-2009, 12:37 AM   #18
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Mr. Concrete loves me.

Bless his heart.

As I stated there is no concrete polishers in my locale. Only resurfacers with a surface sealer.

Knuckles, yes there are some uneven/low spots but no real pits. Those I did patch.

The floor has come along way and may improve with finer grits. It was a really rough poured slab to begin with so I think I am making great progress, given what I had to work with and the learning curve balls thrown my way.

Really it just needs to be a smooth enough floor to mop. However, I'd like to make it as nice as I can. It is a challenge.

I do this in my off time, nights and weekends so I don't understand the leap of lost wages. Besides, as difficult it is to embark on a project without much understanding. This is how you gain knowledge.


What's funny is that I took a break from the concrete polishing to sand some sheetrock. I'm pretty good at that. Sanding concrete versus sheetrock work. Hmmm??? Sheetrock might be faster in my book.

It all comes down to sanding something doesn't it?
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Old 07-24-2011, 12:32 AM   #19
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drillbit..you still there?

Came a across this and was wondering how it turned out..I have about 600 sq feet that I'd have to do with a hand polisher as well.
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Old 03-03-2016, 09:38 AM   #20
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I'm watching, too.

Thanks for taking one for the team there, Drillbit! I learned some stuff from you.

There's nobody near me doing concrete polishing. I had the basement slab waxed by a "pro" and it looks like crap. They only gave me two options wax or epoxy. I mentioned polishing and it raised a few eyebrows.

I'm about to rent the WerkMaster from Home depot. I've got 2000sqft to make a mess of... hahaha.

The garage will be first because if I really screw it up I'll scuff it back up and lay epoxy down.

Wish me luck! I'll start my own thread.
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