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Old Glue on Original Hardwood Floors!

Yikes! I just bought this home and wanted to expose & refinish the original hardwood floors (1956) beneath the ceramic tile. All was going well until I hit the hallway & entry. Under the tile, thin set, hardy backer-board were glue down hardwood floors on top of the original hardwood floors, (no wonder the floors were all uneven!)

Does anyone have any advice to get this glue off? I have tried Goof Off and another adhesive remover with my floor scraper and that is a long & grueling process, (willing to do it if that's the only way though).

Would a drum sander work to remove the glue? I will have to sand anyways to refinish. Any advise would help!!!
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try sanding a small spot with a random orbit sander or a pad sander and see what happens. the last time i sanded i used a big pad sander i rented. its much easier to use then the drum sander, not quite as aggressive.
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Whatever you try it is going to take you some time. I agree that a random orbital sander is a better choice for most diyer's than a drum sander. Either way if you sand it you are going to melt the glue and clog up a bunch of sandpaper and possibly force it down into the wood grain.

I would get as much of the glue off before sanding as you can. Krud Kutter is a little cheaper than Ooops, Goo Gone, etc. and you can get it in gallons. It can discolor hardwood though so try on a sample section. I would also stop by a janitorial supply place in your area, with cash so they will sell to you, and ask what they recommend.
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Adhesive Remover

If you are looking to take the glue off before hand, you will need something strong. In this case I suppose that you could easily use lacquer thinner as it does not matter if the wood is lightened or discolored. I would stay away from any Acetone based remover as it can prove to be unhealthy for both you and the environment - and if you are in California Acetone can be hard to come by as it is in violation of the clean air acts and what not. Genesis makes a "greener" version of acetone which will remove glue with the same intensity of acetone, however it will not release fumes or odors that could cause problems. Although it doesn't matter in this case, the Genesis Adhesive Remover does not dicolor or take off any layers of the surface you are cleaning. Plus it's a lot cheaper then a lot of other things.
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A whole lot of extra work and materails for a floor that may or may not be able to be refinished. All those chemicals and sanding the old glue may well sink into the wood and cause an uneven finish.
Far faster and will come out a whole lot better to just remove the old floors and start over. With the new prefinished flooring out there now it can still look old if that's the look your going for and be able to tbe walked on the same day will hold up longer then a finished on site floor.
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my hardwood floors are covered in a thin film of adhesive (maybe 30% coverage) 352 sq ft
a decent laminate is 352 x$5= $1760.00
5 gallons of laquer thinner would cost how much
labor and wipes are free
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