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pkyne78 05-09-2012 10:36 PM

Hardwood Flooring Repair
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I removed a wall in my kitchen, and now have a gap that is 7 inches wide running across the floor. The Hardwood flooring in the Kitchen runs in the same direction as the Hardwood flooring on the other side of the wall I removed. What would be the easiest way to repair the gap. Would I cut the gap the whole length of floor, and run flooring straight across the floor so it is almost like a separation of rooms. Or blend in the floor piece by piece. I do have closets that have the same flooring. Just not sure what would be best?
Here Is a picture of floor:

RhodesHardwood 05-10-2012 04:19 PM

It would be best to stager each row on both sides of the gap to then fill in the rows. This will usually make it to where you can not tell it was patched. The main issue with this is you have to refinish the floor after patching to get it to blend. If you want to tackle this yourself, you will need a multi tool that is able to cut boards out without damaging the boards on either side of it. I prefer the Fein Multimaster. Just google it and you will see what it does. Their are cheaper alternatives, since this may be the only time you ever do this. Some of the alternative brands are Rockwell, Dremel, & Bosch.

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