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Re: Paint coming off my trim easily?

Since it has gotten to a bad place.....i.e., painter won't fix what is would be a good time to have the paint rep come and take a look. It doesn't happen often, but, it could be a bad batch of paint, could be any number of things that a rep might, I say might be able to shed some light on. It sure can't hurt. If nothing else, he may be able to eliminate some things that may be the root of the problems.
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Re: Paint coming off my trim easily?

Yeah I'm going to be taking the painter to small claims court. I am not happy at all with this situation. He shouldn't be aloud to just say he wont fix it all because he thinks in trying to take advantage if him and get something free. He says that he has never had complaints and will not fix it all only do touch ups and that's not good enough for me. I have a family and I paid this guy already

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Re: Paint coming off my trim easily?

Are you the original owner of the home?

Just spit balling here, but do you have any knowledge if the home has ever been fogged to possibly kill insects? I don't really have any knowledge of such a circumstance, however, perhaps a fogger deposited oils that contaminated surfaces?

Most often on repaints closets are not painted as folks don't feel it is worth the trouble to clear out the closet to facilitate painting. So, the closet may be the best place to determine the existing paint that your painter painted over. Buy a small can of a product called "Oops!", or "Goof Off". Apply a bit to a spot on the trim in the closet. Run your finger across that spot, If that spot is tacky, it is latex. If not tacky, the original trim was oil based. If oil, that is most likely why the latex paint did not bond.

Another tell-tale sign of oil based paint, the less light an oil based paint gets, the more it may yellow. I believe the term is oil based paint is "photo reactive"? I had a job last year where I started in the hallway. The contractor provided all of the paint, including a latex trim paint. I got on the job and went at it in the hallway, painted one door casing leading into a bedroom. The next was a closet door casing. As soon as I opened the closet door, uh oh, where it got little light the existing paint showed clear signs of yellowing. Even though the contractor supplied the paint, and it is not often one encounters oil based trim paint in newer homes any longer, it was my fault. It was my fault for jumping in without considering the existing paint was oil based before applying a latex. It was regroup time....scuff sand, prime, and then convert from oil to latex. I am glad I caught it early before moving forward throughout. Unfortunately, for me, I had already given a price for the work. To maintain a good relationship for all involved, I ate the cost of the added work. I should have caught it before providing a quote.

Anyway. In short, check the existing paint in the closet to determine if it is oil based, assuming your most recent painter did not also paint the closets.

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